Nandos Nando's (Changi Airport T2)

60 Airport Boulevard, Changi Airport Terminal 2, Viewing Mall South, Level 3



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Quater chicken wt wedges   bottomless coke v2

Quad chicken wt 2 sides v4

Hotpot with bottomless coke

Chicken trinchado with bottomless coke v2

Nando's half chicken ls3 new rgb

Lifestyle   4pcs chicken part on wooden block

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What do you recommend our users to try when they visit you?

See, we're all about chicken, really really good chicken to be exact! Butterfly cut & flame grilled and doused in a special kind of PERi-PERi sauce that makes magic in your belly.
PERi-PERi is the heart and soul of Nando's. It began centuries ago, when Portuguese explorers were looking to add a little spice to their meals, and they started adding this fiery ingredients into their cuisines.
Today, in Singapore, PERi-PERi is available in 6 unique flavours: Plain.....ish, Lemon & Herb, Mango & Lime, Mild, Hot, and for the very brace - Extra Hot!

What is the easiest way to get to your place by public transport?

- MRT to Changi Airport
- Bus to Changi Airport
- Carpark Parking at Terminal 2

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