10 Halal Caterers, Venues and Pop-ups to Check Out for your Parties & Events



You usually don’t have this list in hand until you start panicking about putting together an event in a week. So bookmark this article right now!

Bet you didn’t know that your FRIENDS Pass can get you discounts at all these caterers and event venues as well! Yes, we just helped you made the FRIENDS Pass a valuable investment for you. Check out the list below to see which halal business accepts the FRIENDS Pass.


1. Rasa Rasa Catering


Looking for a reliable caterer for your future parties and open houses? Give Rasa Rasa Catering a try and impress your guests with this home brand!

FRIENDS Rewards: 10% off for FRIENDS all day any day!

Rasa Rasa Catering is Halal-Certified.

Event Venues

2. The Lazy Garden


If you’re trying to keep your house clean but need a place for your social events, how about The Lazy Garden?

Located at City Square, their cafe is spacious and bright and has pet balloons which follow you around. The chill vibe will definitely set the mood for your get-together, especially large parties.

Contact 9125 4662 for enquiries on event venue bookings.

The Lazy Garden is Halal-Certified.

3. Flaming Spice


Best place to meet-up with your passionate and spicy-lover friends!

Long table configurations are a no-biggie here. Also, the high ceilings are sure to give you space for you to breathe out fire when the dishes get a little too spicy.

What if you’re not ready to look like a mess in public after eating all the super hot and spicy food you’ve ever wanted? (Anyone else gets all snotty and red-faced too?)

Lucky for you, Flaming Spice does home and office deliveries!

FRIENDS Pass rewards:

10% off for FRIENDS all day any day!


The next time you see these brands and bazaars and events, and are wondering if they are halal, we’ve asked, and they are!

4. Roastitos


Don’t miss Roastitos next time you see them at a food bazaar! They’ve got value for money kebabs and snack packs for your whole family. Mmmm all that meat.

Tip: Make sure you try their Satay Kebab – which is the first of its kind in Singapore! @roastitos

FRIENDS Rewards:

Get 1 free Satay Kebab for every $20 spent for FRIENDS!

Roastitos is Muslim-owned.

5. Terangbulan


Terang Bulan frequently runs pop-ups at food events so that you can always fulfill your martabak manis cravings! That’s not all. They’ve got a range of authentic Indonesian cuisine that are packed in ready-to-go sets.

FRIENDS Rewards:

Get 1 Teh Botol Sosro packet drink free with a minimum of $15 spent for FRIENDS!

Get 2 Teh Botol Sosro packet drink free with a minimum of $30 spent for FRIENDS!

TERANGBULAN.SG is Muslim-owned.

6. Meatballs in a Bucket by Sofnade


Yay! Sofnade is mobile now and heading to events near you. If you just want to order ‘bubbletea-type’ drinks that you’re familiar with and chill with your friends, we recommend Sofnade for your needs.

Tip: They sell their iconic Meatballs in a Bucket too consisting of curly fries, mashed potatoes, housemade meatballs and cranberry sauce, topped with loads of cheese sauce at pop-ups too!

FRIENDS Rewards: Get a free drink with any $20 purchase for FRIENDS!

Sofnade is Halal-Certified.

7. Satay Go


Satay Go prides themselves on serving fuss free satay bowls that bring smiles to faces.. They’ve done away with the traditional sticks. Just a simple fork, bowl and good ol’ satay.

Tip: They have different serving sizes.

Check out their Instagram Page for their full range!

FRIENDS Pass Rewards: Get $0.50 off each bowl for FRIENDS!

Satay Go is Muslim-owned.

8. Famous Satay Burger


The neatest box of satay you’ll ever find at bazaars! If you’re the type who prefers your food to be neatly compartmentalized, then let Famous Satay Burger settle your satay & ketupat needs for you. @famoussatayburger

FRIENDS Pass Rewards:

Get any 4 burgers and get 1 satay goreng (chicken) free for FRIENDS!

Famous Satay Burger is Muslim-owned.

9. Crispy Kriks


Do not, I repeat, do not overlook this underdog. Their Lobster, Scallop and Prawn Wanton are made fresh and fried fresh so when you get it, it’s hot and crispy outside, and absolutely juicy inside. Watch their Instagram Page closely to see where they’ll pop up next!

Cripsy Kriks is Muslim-owned.


10. Hai Sia Seafood


If you’re going to cook up a really big party, there’s no harm in contacting local and Halal-Certified fish supplier- Hai Sia Seafood. They get their fish right from the ocean as they are located at Jurong Fish Port. They distribute to many local businesses every day so why not choose from the freshest and most convenient selections?


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