13 Halal Durian Desserts Set to Make You Drool


Heralding the durian season that usually lasts from June to August, we’ve already begun scanning for halal durian-based desserts as an appetiser to the feast that will come in the later half of the year. This popular rich, pungent fruit that hoards its creamy flesh in a spiky casing of thorns has always been a “love it” or “hate it” item on every Singaporeans’ list. For durian lovers everywhere, its quality and potency is unrivalled and it’s a shame if we couldn’t share that “shiok” feeling with everyone.Despite the “heaty” effect and strong aroma of durian, it is hard to resist eating durian (for some, if not most of us anyway). From the ever popular Mao Shan Wang with it’s buttery, yellow flesh and bittersweet taste to the bitterness of the pale D24, it is ever so tempting to indulge. However, everyone who has eaten durian has probably experienced the heatiness that comes with it and you might have also been left with an uncomfortable sore throat if you’ve overindulged. So we’ve decided to counter this by gathering a list of durian-infused delectables from our merchants at that will allow you to enjoy this rich fruit without the discomfort.

1. Durian Serawa Cake at Measuring Happiness SG



One of our favourite bakers of notoriously, soft, fluffy cakes, Measuring Happiness SG stacks up a gorgeous Durian Serawa cake. The layers of sponge cake are alternated with generous fresh Mao Shan durian meat and serawa chantilly cream!

Price: $6

FRIENDS Discount: 1 for 1 sliced cake. Limited to 1 redemption per card per day. 

Measuring Happiness SG

Area: Bugis

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

2. Durian Caramel Milkshake at The Lab



A liquid indulgence, the Lab goes experimental with home made Durian “Pengat” – a durian puree – blended with vanilla bean ice cream, topped with waffle crisps, mini pretzels, butter wafers and finished off with a thick caramel drizzle.

Price: $13

FRIENDS Discount: 20% off the bill for non-promotional items. 

The Lab

Area: Bugis

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

3. Durian Lava Cake at Afterwit



Replacing the popular chocolate lava cake, Afterwit has restructured the durian into a welcomed dessert – the lava cake. This simple dessert oozes durian-based fillings and is perfect with a scoop of homey vanilla ice cream.

Price: $12

FRIENDS Discount: 15% off the bill for non-promotional items.


Area: Lavender

Halal Status: Halal-certified by MUIS

4. Durian Crepe Cake at Audanis Bakes



Constructed of layers of thin crepes interlaced with authentic durian cream and garnished with generous durian flesh on every layer, Audanis Bakes makes a tasty crepe cake fit to feed a group of friends. We hear that it even sold out at the recent expo exhibition and was received well by customers.The crepe cake has controlled sweetness as well so if you like sweets in moderation, this could be for you.

Price: $50 for a 7″ Round Cake (1.2KG)

FRIENDS Discount: 15% off for cakes ordered 1 month in advance. 10% for all bakes except for epok-epok. 

Audanis Bakes

Area: Changi Road

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

5. Durian Mille Crepe at Sinseh the Grocery



Another beautifully constructed crepe cake, Sinseh the Grocery also produces their version of the Durian Mille Crepe. Not only is the cream made of fresh, light vanilla cream and home made Durian “Pengat” – or puree, the soft crepes itself are infused with durian.Price: $8.90 per slice

FRIENDS Discount: 15% off the bill for non-promotional items. Sinseh the Grocery

Area: Bugis

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

6. Malty Durian Waffle at Sinseh the Grocery



Apart from cake, they also have a sinful waffle concoction with durian! It starts with a lovingly cooked waffle that’s crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, topped with Salted Horlicks ice cream, Durian “Pengat” – or puree, and sprinkled with caramel popcorn for an added crunch.

Price: $15

FRIENDS Discount: 15% off the bill for non-promotional items. 

Sinseh the Grocery

Area: Bugis

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

7. Durian Serawa Cake at Julie Bakes



Ever a favourite item on the menu for our bakers, Julie Bakes also makes one of the softest and packed Durian Serawa cakes. Varying from other bakers, Kak’s Julie’s cakes feature a thinner layer of cream and generous “Pengat” filling that is traditionally prepared over a slow fire. Her spongecakes are also soft and compact and the sweetness is well-controlled so it’s not too overpowering.

Price: $8.50 per slice

FRIENDS Discount: 10% off the bill for cakes and cupcakes with a minimum purchase of $30.

Julie Bakes

Area: Bugis

Halal Status: Muslim-Owne

8. Durian Gelato at Kucina Italian



A cool and refreshing take on durian, Kucina Italian prides itself in being the only Italian restaurant that produces Durian gelato. The gelato is home made and is produced from carefully selected D24 durians. Each bite is flavorful and leaves a pleasant, cooling sensation that will make you crave more.

Price: $4 for a scoop

FRIENDS Discount: 10% off the bill on weekdays. Only for non-promotional items.

Kucina Italian Restaurant

Area: Paya Lebar

Halal Status: Halal-certified by MUIS

 9. Durian Pengat Shooters at Saltwater Cafe

Saltwater - Durian Pengat ShootersSaltwater - Durian Pengat Shooters

Saltwater – Durian Pengat Shooters

At Saltwater Cafe, they serve up a potent shot of Durian Pengat. Don’t let this petite shooters fool you! A star on the buffet line, these shooters are packed with decadent and creamy durian puree that is as close to the original durian as one can get. The same shooters are also available at Katong Kitchen as well.

FRIENDS Discount: 10% off the bill for dine-in any day except during black-out dates, eve of and on public holidays. Not valid with other privileges, promotions and vouchers. No splitting or combining of bills allowed, capped at 10 pax per bill. No splitting of tables allowed.

Saltwater Cafe

Area: Changi Village Hotel

Halal Status: Halal-certified by MUIS

 10. Durian Crepe at  Katong Kitchen

Katong Kitchen - Durian CrepeKatong Kitchen - Durian Crepe

Katong Kitchen – Durian Crepe

Aside from the petite Durian Pengat Shooters, Katong Kitchen also offers light, thin crepes that come with durian puree. Both these items will keep you coming back to the buffet line again and again for more.

FRIENDS Discount: 10% off the bill for dine-in any day except during black-out dates, eve of and on public holidays. Not valid with other privileges, promotions and vouchers. No splitting or combining of bills allowed, capped at 10 pax per bill. No splitting of tables allowed.

Katong Kitchen

Area: Village Hotel Katong

Halal Status: Halal-certified by MUIS

11. Putri Salat Durian at Ratu Lemper



Amidst the cakes and waffles, Ratu Lemper brings durian back to its humble origins by going traditional with this fruit. Fusing it with well-known traditional kueh, Ratu Lemper incorporates durian into local desserts for a milder taste that teases the palate.The Putri Salat Durian is one such kuih, adapted from the original Putri Salat with a Pandan topping. This kuih comes with a soft, sticky glutinous rice base with a Durian topping that is gentler on the tastebuds.

Price: $3 for 4 pieces

FRIENDS Discount: 10% off the bill for all walk-ins from Tuesday to Friday.

Ratu Lemper

Area: Bugis

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

12. Koleh Koleh Durian at Ratu Lemper



Another kuih adapted to include durian is the Koleh Koleh – a pudding-like kuih commonly made from green bean flour with coconut milk and sugar. However Ratu Lemper adds a twist to it by adding durian flesh into the mix to give that fragrant aroma and hints of durian flavor. It’s all topped off with roasted coconut milk that is cooked over a fire until all the liquid evaporates to form a sort of toasty coconut crumble that sums up the classic Koleh Koleh.Price: $3 for 4 pieces

FRIENDS Discount: 10% off the bill for all walk-ins from Tuesday to Friday.Ratu Lemper

Area: Bugis

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

13. Durian Flan at Word Cafe



Completing our list of durian based delectables is Word Cafe’s Durian Flan. A flan is an open, rimmed, pastry or sponge base, containing sweet or savoury filling. For Word Cafe’s Durian Flan, it is made with evaporated and condensed milk and baked in a ramekin dish that is filled with creamy fresh durian. Topped off with Salted Caramel Custard and you’ll get a treat that’s salty, sweet and soft, all at the same time.Price: $15+

FRIENDS Discount10% off the bill except on promotional items. 20% off the bill for spending above $100.Word Cafe

Area: Upper Thomson

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

Perhaps these desserts will make it more palatable for those newly introduced to the fruit or who are unable to enjoy original taste, fresh from the hull. And as for you hardcore durian lovers, let this help whet your appetite for the time being while we await the hoards of fresh durian coming our way soon. is the hunting ground for you to scout for halal food places in Singapore, make reservations at restaurants, as well as to get your latest cravings delivered to you. Be handsomely rewarded for choosing halal when you take it one step further by being FRIENDS with us. Check us out at!

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