14 Halal Places to Check out with Friends this Weekend

They are plenty of places for a casual lunch in Singapore but here’s a list of 15 restaurants accepting the FRIENDS PASS so you don’t have to eat at the same thing again and again.

The Casual Lunch Dilemma: We’ve all been there. You’ve made plans for a casual lunch with friends. Someone in the group asks, “Where should we go?” No one gives a good answer and so, you end up at the same restaurant you’ve been going to for years. Nothing wrong with that, but here’s 15 places to check out for a new experience with your friends!

1. Kaw Kaw SG

Five minutes walk away from Masjid Sultan, this is one of our personal favourite places to visit! They serve mostly Western and fusion food in large servings – great for sharing.They’re known for their Permaisuri burger but did you know they also have one of the best steaks in Singapore! Seat back and enjoy great food at Kaw Kaw.Kaw kaw Makan State

Kaw Kaw SGHalal Status: Halal-certifiedAddress:  28 Aliwal St, 199918. FRIENDS Rewards: 10% discounts off total bill. Valid only on weekdays.

2. Butter Studio

Want somewhere light and casual? Head to their cafe at Jalan Besar which is a few minutes away from Jalan Besar MRT. Their menu consists of seasonal, fresh food which are prepared daily to satisfy your cravings all day long from fresh baked pastries, breakfast poached eggs, savory lunchtime sandwiches, hearty burgers for dinner and decadent desserts.Got a birthday to celebrate too? Order a cake online from Butter Studio and make your celebration even more special! Delicious and instagram-worthy cakes will last in your memories for sure.Butter studio - ButterscotchPralineGanache8ac479

Butter StudioHalal Status: Halal-certifiedJalan Besar Cafe address:  147 Jalan Besar, (S)208865They also have retail counters at Takashimaya and Tampines Mall. FRIENDS Rewards: 10% off for whole cakes only.Not valid for pre-orders and other promotions,subject to availability for FRIENDSAvailable at Jalan Besar and Tampines outlets only.

3. Audanis Bakes

If your companions are more on the traditional side, try out the treats available at Audanis Bakes. Sometimes, you just need the good ol’ desserts to help get your friends in the reminiscing mood.

Audanis BakesHalal Status: Muslim-OwnedAddress:116 WIS @ Changi, Changi Road #01-06, Singapore 419718. FRIENDS Rewards: 10% for all bakes except for epok-epok for FRIENDS

4. Charcos

This is one for the friends who love their savoury steaks! While their mascot is a flaming chicken, they do sell other meat dishes. Also, if you’re celebrating a birthday there, remember to use your FRIENDS PASS to save on that bill.

CharcosHalal Status: Muslim-OwnedAddress: 324F Changi Rd, Singapore 419799. FRIENDS Rewards:15% discount off total bill.Valid only on your birthday month with minimum spending of $70.Please present I/C to verify.Valid only for one time claim per FRIENDS card.

5. Epikebabs

Some of us have kebab as comfort food while others prefer fries. If you drop by Epikebabs, you can make the whole table happy, even on the saddest days.Halal_Epikebab_Kebab Platter_Halalfoodhunt_Ramadan_Singapore - casual lunch

EpikebabsHalal Status: Muslim-OwnedAddress: Wilkie Edge, 8 Wilkie Road #01-17, Singapore 228095. FRIENDS Rewards:Valid with 1 free combo (Chips + Drink) for every main item.

6. Charlie Brown Cafe

The new generation of children may not know who Charlie Brown is but you can relive your own childhood by jio-ing your friends to hang out here for old time’s sake! They have a spread of items from Asian to Western, to suit any picky palate of any age!

Charlie Brown CafeHalal Status: Halal-certifiedAddress: Orchard Cineleisure, 8 Grange Road #04-01, Singapore 239695. FRIENDS Rewards:15% discounts off total bill. Not valid with any other promotions

7. Srisun Express

We like to think Srisun Express as an atas coffeeshop. The comfort of coffeeshop food and the ambience of cool restaurant, brings back our school days!SRISUN EXPRESS KEBAB - casual lunch

Srisun ExpressHalal Status: Halal-certifiedArea: Tampines, Bukit Batok and Serangoon. FRIENDS Rewards:10% discounts off total bill.Valid on Mondays to Thursdays excluding Public Holidays.

8. Ratu Lemper

If you’re just thinking of grabbing something light to bring around with you, lemper sounds like a good idea. Alternatively, you can just get it delivered to your home if everyone wants to chill at home.Halal_Ratu Lemper_Lemper_Halalfoodhunt_TheGrand Bazaar 2018_Ramadan_Singapore

Ratu LemperHalal Status: Halal-CertifiedArea: 16 Baghdad St, Singapore 199655. FRIENDS Rewards:10% discounts off total bill for FRIENDS.Valid for all walk-ins from Tuesday to Friday.

9. Kucina Italian

We think that going to Kucina Italian is more than just about food. Seeing how your food gets prepared is enough to get you feeling in awe and when you finally get the delicious food, watch everyone at the table gleam in ecstasy.Kucina Italian Steak - casual lunch

Kucina ItalianHalal Status: Muslim-OwnedAddress: One KM, 11 Tanjong Katong Road #B1-09/10, Singapore 437157. FRIENDS Rewards:10% discounts off total bill. Valid on weekdays only.Not valid with promotional items.

10. Flavour Flings

Tucked in a cosy neighbourhood, this cafe is definitely a place to hang out with your friends. They’ve got a free-flow of plain water so you can stick around even after you’re done! Woohoo!Halal_Flavour Flings_Chicken Cutlet with Swiss Raclette_Halalfoodhunt_FRIENDS Pass_Singapore - casual lunch

Flavour FlingsHalal Status: Halal-certifiedAddress: Blk 121 Hougang Ave 1 #01-1348, Singapore 530121. FRIENDS Rewards:10% discounts off total bill.Not valid on public holidays, Father's Day, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.

11. Julie Bakes

If you’ve ever wanted to try all the flavours, here’s an idea: get your friends to each buy a slice and then share! While this bakery doesn’t have seats, you can always have them to-go and gather at a friend’s place.Julie Bakes Different Slices

Julie BakesHalal Status: Muslim-ownedAddress: 14 Baghdad St, Singapore 199653. FRIENDS Rewards:10% discounts off total bill for FRIENDS.Valid for cakes and cupcakes with a minimum purchase of $30.

12. The Ramen Stall

For you Japanese food-lovers, here’s a menu that might make you feel happy. Plus, it’s not too bad for your wallet as well!The Ramen Stall Gyudon - casual lunch

The Ramen StallHalal Status: Halal-certifiedAddress: 787 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198755. FRIENDS Rewards:10% discounts off total bill. Valid with minimum spending of $50.Not valid for purchases made on weekends, public holidays or set meals.Not valid with any other promotions, discounts or vouchers.

13. Eat’z 19

If you’re looking for a Western menu with a local twist, you can trust Eatz 19 to serve it.¬†They have daily lunch sets featuring their fusion dishes from Black Pepper Chicken Pasta to Soft Shell Chilli Crab Pasta!eatz19

Eat'z 19Halal Status: Muslim-OwnedArea: East. FRIENDS Rewards:10% discounts off total bill. Valid all day, any day.No minimum spending required.

14. Makisan

Available islandwide, this Japanese maki-roll joint is a famous hang out place.¬† We love being able to share each other’s unique maki-roll slices with each other. Go on, taste the rainbow of the Makisan!makisan rolls - casual lunch

MakisanHalal Status: Halal-certifiedArea: Islandwide. FRIENDS Rewards: 10% discounts off total bill

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