25 Gorgeous (and Halal!) Bespoke Cake Makers to Order from in Singapore

Not sure where to find talented bakers that make halal cakes, or just need some ideas on customising your cakes? Here are 25 gorgeous custom cakes made by our locals that people have shown off at their events!


A well-made customised cake is meant to awe the guests and set the tone of the event it graces. While there are many talented professional bakers in Singapore who can make your dream come true (as long as you’ve got the budget for it), there are not as many halal options.So, we’re combed through social media accounts to find the best halal bespoke cakes in Singapore! Don’t fret if you’re not a cake person! We’ve also included some interesting cake alternatives for your event that you can check out (Click on their names to visit their Instagram pages for more info!).P.S. Numbers are in no order of merit

Cake Sculptures

We’ll start off with the type of cake that is sure to be the center of attention at any party!

1. Bakin Divaz

They specialize in tiered pillow cakes and ‘modern object’ cakes.

Rather than stacking normal cake tiers, they’ve decided to stack pillows instead! We love the idea of it, especially with the intricate designs involved in mimicking a royal pillow.

They can also stack “books” for you!

 We loved the iPhone cake the most because it’s just so quirky and modern! That use of Notification to announce the birthday wish is something any techie  would love.

2. Fizzy’s Sweets

They specialise in cake sculptures of traditional and intricate objects.

Fizzy’s Sweets leans slightly more to traditional and classic designs as compared to the other bakers in this list. So, we figure this might be a hit with the nostalgia-seeking crowd. We love how detailed their designs can get, especially their gold trimmings. Everything they make is more than camera-friendly. We haven’t figured out how to deal with cutting a cake that looks so good.FizzySweets - Gold and Black Pillow CakeFizzySweets - Rings 3 tiered wedding cake We’re blown away by that detailing for the strings and the ring toppers are so bling-bling!FizzySweets - Rose and Gold Wedding Cake

Even boys can have their cake! How about a World Cup cake?

FizzySweets - World Cup Cake 2018

3. Glazed by Munira Bamadhaj

She specialises in realistic-looking cake sculptures.

These cakes are so proportionate and realistic that you might have to put a label to make sure people know it’s a cake! We’re so proud to have such a baker in Singapore. Cakes pretty much look the same after a while but this will definitely bring the excitement back for the adult guests! Glazed Desserts - 3D Durian CakeThe best way to have durian cake, really.

On to literallly putting your heart on a platter….

we’re not sure which occasion this will be appropriate in (Halloween?) but who cares, it’s still a beautiful cake!Glazed Desserts - 3D Human Heart Cake

This truck cake looks more like a toy than a cake.

Glazed Desserts - 3D Truck Cake

Do you dare eat a Tiger Cake?

Glazed Desserts - 3D White Tiger Cake

When you can’t decide between getting a Chanel No. 5 perfume, or a cake.

Glazed Desserts - Chanel Perfume Tall Cake

How can you possibly cut into this face and eat the cake underneath it?

Glazed Desserts - Nadine Cake Sculpture

Or destroy this majestic painstaking creation?

Glazed Desserts - The Royal Albatross Cake

Remember, this dinosaur was handcrafted and handpainted!

Glazed Desserts - T-Rex Cake for Toggle's Crazy Cakes Series

4. SG Birthday Cakes

She specialises in large cake sculptures and fondant cakes.

They’re pretty popular on Instagram and for good reason. They’ve done almost every type of cake for their long list of clients. If you’re looking for a one stop cake shop that can do a variety of cake types, you should check them out. That being said, their more eye-catching work are, of course, their sculptures.SG Birthday Cakes - 3D Camera CakeSG Birthday Cakes - Lego Batman CakeSG Birthday Cakes - Michael Kors BagSG Birthday Cakes - World Cup Cake

5. The Bakers’ Station

They specialise in fondant sculptures and macaron monogram cakes.

If you’re not looking for large cake sculptures, you can try ordering from this baker since their cakes tend to be slightly smaller (less leftovers to pack home after the party).

Cake Alternatives

Not everyone is into cake and would prefer something less messy and easy to dig into. We’ve got some creative bakers who may offer you your dream cake alternative.

6. Cakes Delight Bakery

She specialises in mini brownie stacks and macaron bouquets.

The perks of having a brownie stack is that you’ll know that this will definitely get finished by the crowd. They’re simple, delicious and event-worthy! For your more personal gifts that involves cakes, you can check out her macaron bouquet-in-a-box! #cuteCakeDelights98 - Brownie StackCakeDelights98 - Macaron Bouquet

7. Noni’s Baking Lab

They specialise in 3D cupcakes, brownie stacks and large cupcake-cakes.

Another brownie stack in the list! While this may not be the most photogenic, it is the best in getting people to crowd the dessert table.We’re actually intrigued by the mega-cupcake cakes that are trending this year. Now we can all share a cupcake. Hehe. 

8. Rosette Artistry

They specialise in pretty cake balls and big pearly macarons for engagements and weddings.

Tired of typical cake shapes? How about a sphere instead? Or maybe a giant macaron? These are simply adorable as cake gifts and decor pieces to accompany a main cake at the table. (We are curious to find out how to eat these balls.)Rosette Artistry - Cake Balls Creamy Swirls with PearlsRosette Artistry - Cake Balls with Floral Fondant DesignsRosette Artistry - Pink Pearl Oyster Macarons

9. Oni Cupcakes

They specialise in character cupcakes, sugar flower decor toppings and sparkler candles on tall cakes.

This bakery will bring your party to the next level with their out of the world sparklers! Also, their cute specialty cupcakes are great because everyone can get a piece of something pretty to share on their social media accounts.Oni Cupcakes - Cake with Firework CandlesOni Cupcakes - Caramel Popcorn CakeOni Cupcakes - Cute Pastel Cupcakes with Fondant

Pokemon party!

Oni Cupcakes - Pokemon Cupcakes  Oni Cupcakes - Unicorn Cupcakes

10. Fortieplus Bakes

She specialises in avant-garde macaron towers, pulut kuning and other crazy cakes like watermelon cakes.

If you’re looking for something tall and attention-seeking, check out these abstract macaron towers.Fortie Plus Bakes - Macaron TowerFortie Plus Bakes - Pulut Kuning CakeFortie Plus Bakes - Tall Macaron Tower CakeFortie Plus Bakes - Watermelon CakeThey have fun by making watermelon cake! Haha.

11. Tangerine Macaron

She specialises in elegant-looking macaron tower cake.

These towers are sleek and elegant for any wedding. In fact, it’s even more fun for the guests since we can just take and go!Tangerine Macaron - Gradient Beige Macaron Wedding TowerThe gradient is so pretty!Tangerine Macaron - Macaron Wedding Tower

Abstract Cakes

12. Elegance Made Edible

She specialises in avant garde tiered-cakes, naked and minimalist cakes.

While not all the cakes are for sale (for the workshop-exclusive cakes), the baker can definitely whipe something similar for you! Finally, a beautiful cake to match my personality.Check out their one-of-a-kind cakes down below!Elegance Made Edible - Black GanacheElegance Made Edible - Blue Masjid Inspired CakeElegance Made Edible - Galaxy CakeElegance Made Edible - Magenta, Fuschia, Ivory & Electric Blue RainbowElegance Made Edible - Rainbow Explosion CakeElegance Made Edible - Red Gold Wedding Cake

13. Kats Bakes

She specialises in bright explosion cakes and cakepops with a concentration on mermaids, unicorns and flowers for cake themes.

These reminds us of the pretty Instagram baker accounts that are never in our reach. The cake pops are so good-looking, we can’t resist. Also, we call her cakes explosion cakes here because the designs are visually loud and full of energy.SG Birthday Cakes - World Cup CakeKatsbakes - Explosion Mermaid CakeKatsbakes - Pastel Flowers and Gold Candles on CakeThis doesn’t even look like cake!Katsbakes - Shard Explosion Mermaid Cake  Katsbakes - Unicorn Pegasus Cake

14. Zizou Cake Boutique

She specialises in abstract pastel cream cakes and unicorn/mermaid-themed cupcakes.

These bakes are for those of you who can’t make up your mind. You can’t go wrong with this baker, really. Of course, you need to like nude colours, mermaids, unicorns and glitter!Zizou Boutique - Blush pink and gold cake with buttercream textureZizou Boutique - Mermaid CakeZizou Boutique - NUDE CUPCAKESZizou Boutique - Unicorn CakeZizou Boutique - Unicorn Cupcake Pink and LAVENDERZizou Boutique - Unicorn Cupcake Pink

Floral Cakes

15. Roserae Cake Boutique

She specialises in abstract tiered-cakes, sugar flower designs, textured cakes and sugar crystal designs, with a tendency for a glittery accent colour. cakes need an award, seriously. They’re beautiful, detailed and classy. If you thought that your cake was too pretty to cut, wait till you have to deal with these pieces of art.Roseraecakeboutique - 4 Tier Geode Crystal CakeRoseraecakeboutique - Close up Flower Cake and GoldRoseraecakeboutique - Geode Crystal CakeRoseraecakeboutique - Geometrical Moroccan CakeRoseraecakeboutique - Heidi Inspired CakeRoseraecakeboutique - Kintsukuroi inspired Cake

16. Magique Cakes

She specialises in abstract, angular cream cakes and sugar flower/succulent toppings.

All her flowers are made of sugar and handmade delicately. She also paints the buttercream to give it an abstract and unique look. The best part is that she’s been trying out sugar succulents. Will succulents be the next big cake topper trend?

Magique Cake - Painted Flower Cake magique cake - Sugar Succulents for cake Magique Cake - Tall Square Cake

17. The Cakerie Club

They specialise in cream cakes, naked cakes, cake pops, jelly donuts/popsicles with edible flowers.

We love looking at her feed because it just looks so good. The variety of cakes offered by this baker is also quite satisfying. Pretty sure she can whip up a whole dessert table for you, from low-calorie jellies to high calorie creamy cheesecakes!The Cakerie Club - Mini jelly donuts with edible flower petals

18. Farah Shiraaz

She specialises in bright coloured cream cakes, naked cakes and monograms with garden floral designs.

Order from her if you’re looking for a vibrant and memorable cake! Her cakes are tall too so there’ll be enough cake to go around. If you’re into a flatter cake, get their pretty monogram cakes instead!Farah Shiraaz - Drip Wedding CakeFarah Shiraaz - Flower Abstract Wedding CakeFarah Shiraaz - Monogram CakeFarah Shiraaz - My Little PonyCakeFarah Shiraaz - Tall Naked Chocolate Cake

19. Jellyfleurs

She specialises in floral-designed jelly cakes.

Need something with less calories? Maybe it’s time to switch to jellies for your family events. These cakes are so dreamy and refreshing that you might be a convert after ordering one.Jelly Fleurs - PinkFlower Jelly CakeJelly Fleurs - Flower Jelly CakeJelly Fleurs - Mini Flower Jelly Cake

20. Simply Nuha

She specialises in creamy and textured cakes with rustic and abstract designs.

These cakes are as rustic as it can get with cakes. They’re organic, simple yet beautiful. We are also glad that they’ve stuck to more traditional flavours for their cakes. Simple cake, good times.Simply Nuha - Red Green Blue Tiered Wedding CakeSimply Nuha - Rustic Coconut Shaving Wedding CakeSimply Nuha - Wedding Cake with BalloonSimply Nuha - Wedding Cake with cupcakes and large leaves

21. Zoya Bakes

She specialises in creamy cakes with a choice of floral or abstract designs.

Sometimes, cream is best. This baker can make your cake look like a unicorn wonderland any time.Zoya Bakes - 10 inch round rosette cake in purple and pink

22. Macarons by SGBC

She specialises in macaron towers, oyster macarons and mermaid/unicorn cakes.

Elegance is the theme of this bakery. She utilises mostly pastel coloured macarons for her creations and we’re liking how she’s making the over-used cake themes so classy!MacaronsbySGBC - Oyster Beige MacaronsMacaronsbySGBC - Mermaid Cake TurqoiseMacaronsbySGBC - Wedding Macaron Tower

23. Nurr’s Cakes

She specialises in creamy and fresh flower decor cakes for weddings and engagements.

Her cakes are simple but easy on the eye. If you think having a cake isn’t enough, how about get a batch of matchhing cupcakes to go along with it?Nurrs Bakes - Cream cakes and matching cupcakesNurrs Bakes - Pink Flower CakeNurrs Bakes - Tiered Real Flowers CakeNurrs Bakes - Unconventional Tiered Cakes

24. Blush Artisan Cakes

She specialises in monogram cakes, floral/abstract tiered cakes and floral cupcake bouquets.

Now, the type of bouquet foodie girls will actually appreciate – cupcake bouquets! Her other modern cake designs are also fitting for casual parties. Love, love, love.blush artisan cakes - Cupcake Bouquetblush artisan cakes - Cupcake Bouquetblush artisan cakes - Floral Bouquet Cakeblush artisan cakes - Floral monogram cakeblush artisan cakes - Stained Glass Cakeblush artisan cakes - Tierd marble fondant cake

25. Sherramelts

This baker has her own unique rendition of floral cakes. (We’re loving her forest cake!) If you’re looking for something more homey but still out of the box, Sherramelts is here for you. On top of the beautiful designs, pick delicious fillings too. (She makes Japanese Cotton Cheesecake and Chendol Pulut Durian Cake – omg omg omg)Sherramelts - 3 Tiered Forest Cake for Wedding Sherramelts - Chendol Pulut Durian Cake Sherramelts - Japanese Cotton Cheesecake Sherramelts - Salted Caramel Cookie Sandwich Sherramelts - Hydrangea Abstract Cake

Did we miss out any worthy bakers?

Let us know in the comments section or just DM us on Instagram. We’ll compile and make a part 2!


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