3 Myths of Processed Food by ZAC Butchery- Debunked!

How often do you get to see how meat is being processed in its production facility? I also had to forget whatever I already knew about processed meat because the key point in retaining new information is to forget what was taught before. I was ready to learn how my processed meats were being made!


As a 90’s kids, I grew up with a lot of convenience foods. Nuggets, fries, hotdogs, burgers – you name it. It got a lot more exacerbated when my mum went back to the workforce while I was battling my raging teenage hormones. Instant ayam goreng and nuggets were my best friends.


When I began my journey of self-love and wanted to shed the kilos, I stayed far away from processed convenience foods – I knew I would go back into that sinkhole of eating chicken nuggets all day and everyday. I would rather much spend two hours prepping my freshly made chicken nuggets than to buy one packet of delicious spicy chicken nuggets. In all honesty, my fear of processed convenience foods is still pretty much there.

That is until ZAC Butchery invited the team over to their new meat production facility all the way in Jurong West. I pushed my skeptical glasses aside and went in with an open and very excited mind. After all, how often do we get to see how meat is being processed in its production facility? I also had to forget whatever I already knew about processed meat because the key point in retaining new information is to forget what was taught before. I was ready to learn how my processed meats were being made! Or rather, to process new information! Hehe get it, get it?

Let me take you through what I unlearned and relearnt throughout this tour!


All suited up before we had to surrender our phones!

Myth #1 Debunked: Processed meat is all fats and bones!

Contrary to popular belief, ZAC Butchery believes in using quality premium ingredients for their sausages and cold cuts. While fat is still an important ingredient in sausages and cold cuts, a good amount of meat is still required to give the processed meats a rich and deep flavour. While we were in the production facility, we had the honour of witnessing workers trim off excess fats from the chicken breasts and thighs. A good mix of lean meat and fats ensure that the sausages and cold cuts are deliciously flavourful.


Processing the meat. Photo by ZAC Butchery and ZAC Meat.

Myth #2 Debunked: A ton of flavourings and additives are added to processed meat!

Additives and flavourings are so passé, I must say. Food technology has evolved so much that there are more ways to ensure the processed meats have a longer shelf life without affecting its taste and flavour. For one, ZAC Butchery maintains the authenticity for the cold cuts and smoked franks by smoking them using 100% beech wood to achieve a natural, rich and smoky flavour. In doing so, they eliminate the use of added flavouring.


Smoking chamber for sausages. Photo by ZAC Butchery and ZAC Meat.

ZAC Butchery also provides a wide selection of fresh sausages which are produced but their in house German Master Butcher. The meats are deboned by hand and mixed with high quality spices which are distinctively Mediterranean.

Myth #3 Debunked: Convenience foods are filled with preservatives to make them last!

As I have previously mentioned, I would toil hours in the kitchen to make a dish I really want to eat. I made a lamb shank for a dinner party once a few years ago and never bothered to try again. However, when I found out ZAC Butchery recently launched ready-to-eat Lamb Shanks which can be stored at room temperature, I was beyond shocked and ecstatic. The Lamb Shanks are cooked using a proprietary MicroThermilk processing where food is optimally cooked through precise application of calibrated heat and pressure, and at the same time, targets bacteria to eliminate it.

Think of this as a giant sous-vide machine meant for 1000 packets of Lamb Shanks instead of one. With this technology, original flavours, textures and nutritional values are retained without compromising the taste. Not only do these Lamb Shanks have no added preservatives and nitrates, they can be stored on the shelf without refrigeration for up to a year. You can’t believe it? Me neither, but it’s all in the food science. Imagine travelling with these halal-certified lamb shank packets in your check-in luggage!

If you’re thinking of impressing someone, simply heat this up and serve with a side of mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. I promise you they would not know the difference.

Still prefer fresh cuts of meat? Head to the nearest ZAC Butchery!

In any case you’re still a purist when it comes to food, or prefer handling fresh meats for your family and friends, ZAC Butchery has four outlets all over the island for you to get your hands on fresh sausages, premium cuts of beef and marinated meat for you to cook with. Their friendly butchers will assist you in cutting the meats according to your preference thickness, and marination requests are available for free too.

If you’re thinking of heading down to ZAC Butchery at Chun Tin Road or Figaro Street, simply quote Halalfoodhunt” to receive a 10% off with minimum spending of $49 from now till 3 September 2017.


The butchery over at ZAC Butchery’s production facility.

Don’t say we bo jio! Factory Sale happening this weekend, 5 August 2017!



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