5 Steps to Nene Chicken Heaven


Nene Chicken @ Bukit Panjang Plaza Outlet

Step 1: Choose Your Chicken

Nothing can ever be quite as nerve wrecking as choosing how much chicken your stomach can handle. When you have an unsatisfied craving, maybe two is enough. Then again, you know your pesky sibling is probably going to steal your chicken, so you need to plan for back up.

Chicken Spread @ Nene Chicken’s Bukit Panjang Plaza Outlet

Well, lucky us then because Nene Chicken offers individual set meals from two, up to 12 pieces. And if that’s not enough, their family meal even accommodates up till 20 pieces. Who eats that much chicken you ask? Frankly, we thought that too when¬†we got three trays of chicken and a boatload of wings to try out. Unabashedly, I have to admit that between the five of us, we actually managed to polish almost the whole lot off.

Our Mountain of Wings

Step 2: Choose Your Sauce

Original Chicken @ Nene Chicken

Of the four types we tried, we were so lost in the wonderful sauces that we totally forgot¬†the original chicken *sheepish look* so you’re only getting a preview of three.

Freaking Hot Sauce @ Nene Chicken

Starting off, you have the spiciest of the lot which is the freaking hot sauce. Being chicken (don’t mind the pun hehe), Dee, of course couldn’t handle it. Still, the rest of the girls did say that it was spicier than KFC’s yang yeum chicken which was saying something.¬†It is somewhat vaguely reminiscent of ayam masak merah. It’s delicious but it’s not my favourite.

Spicy Sauce @ Nene Chicken

Then you have the swicy sauce – a mix of sweet and spicy that is like your sweet and spicy thai chili sauce. It has a more tomato like base which really reduces the¬†spice factor so if you want spicy but not too spicy, it’s probably your best option.

Nene Chicken’s Newest Sauce – Soy Sauce!

Here’s where we get to the best part. The soy sauce. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The soy sauce is THE divine option. It has no spice factor but I love, love the sweet soy sauce. It’s Nene Chicken’s latest addition to their menu and it couldn’t come out soon enough.It is similar to KFC’s umadare but what makes it special is the extra crisp of the chicken. The wings are nicely coated with thin, crisp batter and soy sauce but unlike other wings, it is not drowned in oil. When you bite into it, oil doesn’t squirt out. Definitely a plus. I’m not a super fried chicken fan. I actually walk into KFC and buy the burgers (yes, yes ridiculous I know…stop judging me!). But this soy sauce got me hooked. People go for a taste test but I went for a meal with these babies.

Step 3: Choose Your Starters

Coleslaw and Pickled Radish @ Nene Chicken

Out of the starters, you have¬†the coleslaw and the pickled radish. Dee loves the pickled radish. Even though we all gave her the “whaaaat” look, she did get it sort of right though. Koreans have pickled radish to accompany¬†their spicy chicken to¬†tone down¬†the heat. So if the spiciness is killing you, munch on a radish and it should help.

Step 4: Choose Your Sides

Buffalo Fries @ Nene Chicken

Of the usual fries and chicken pops – mini swicy coated chicken chunks, we give kudos to the fries. These buffalo fries are not as huge as its name seems to imply but it’s one of the best that we’ve had at a fast food joint. They’re thinner than your average french fry with a spiced coating like fries you get from Popeye’s, which makes it really good. Super crunchy and tasty, these are addictive.

Step 5: Choose Your Drinks

To complete your meal, round¬†it all up with a nice drink and you’re all set for a Nene Chicken experience.

Gimbap with Tenders @ Nene Chicken’s Bukit Panjang Outlet

If you’re gunning for something a little more extra, you can even try out one of the six different gimbaps. These super fat rice rolls have¬†generous fillings. Just one and your meal is set for sure.¬†These are only available at Bukit Panjang though so if you’re in the area, might as well grab one.After all that drool worthy information, what else is there to do but grab your family and¬†get set for a chicken fiesta.To get updates on Nene Chicken, you can follow them on:



Instagram: @nenechickensg

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