The Convenient Iftar List: 7 pre-order & pick-up options for breaking fast



Here is a list of options for easy pre-order and pick-up before Asar so you can reduce the hassle of rushing to cook or purchase food when you want to break your fast with family or for yourself at home. This article is brought to you by

Hyde & Co.

 Hyde &Co. brings to you pick-up options so that you can break your fast with ease this Ramadan.

Recently, SIFTED published an article reminiscing thewarm memories of breaking your fast with family during past Ramadans, and why, this year she’s looking forward to iftar – the meal taken for Muslims to break their fast – at home once again.On normal days, it’s naturally difficult to always have everyone gathered together for dinner but this is the one month that has always been an exception for many Muslims. This special month is when we regroup, take a pause from the rush of daily life and focus on being closer to God and re-tighten our bonds with our loved ones.

It is only apt that this is also the time when mum, dad or even yourself often prepare home-cooked meals for iftar. But at the same time, it can get quite hectic on weekdays when you’re rushing home from work, you have to pick up the kids and you need to prepare food in the kitchen.To help everyone along this Ramadan, here are alternatives that allow you to pre-order delicious, freshly cooked meals that you can pick up on your way home so you can devote more of your time to catching up with your family instead.

1. Treat your parents to luxurious take-outs from Hyde & Co.

Gourmet Pastas and Pizzas for Take Hyde OutGourmet Pastas and Pizzas for Take Hyde Out

Gourmet Pastas and Pizzas for Take Hyde Out

Take Hyde Out this Ramadan and get 10% off with the promo code: IFTARHYDEOUTTake Hyde Out this Ramadan and get 10% off with the promo code: IFTARHYDEOUT

Take Hyde Out this Ramadan and get 10% off with the promo code: IFTARHYDEOUT

Take Hyde Out this Ramadan and get 10% off with the promo code: IFTARHYDEOUTTake Hyde Out this Ramadan and get 10% off with the promo code: IFTARHYDEOUT

Take Hyde Out this Ramadan and get 10% off with the promo code: IFTARHYDEOUT

Hyde's Chilli Crab PastaHyde's Chilli Crab Pasta

Hyde’s Chilli Crab Pasta

Addams Family - A Turkish Apple TeaAddams Family - A Turkish Apple Tea

Addams Family – A Turkish Apple Tea

In time for Ramadan, Hyde & Co has launched a new menu featuring a series of gourmet pizzas and designer pastas that’s ever more within reach with Take Hyde Out – Hyde & Co’s newly introduced bright and vibrant delivery takeaway box.The pastas and sauces are packaged in separate compartments so the pasta will be kept al-dente and you don’t have to break your fast with a soggy meal. Cold brews are also available for pre-orders to accompany your meal and quench your thirst.Recommended are Hyde’s signature Chilli Crab Pasta – loaded with generous chunks of blue swimmer crab meat – and our team’s favourites: the invigorating Addams Family – a turkish apple tea or Into the Woods – a berry tea. Both are non-milk options and are perfect for iftar.

Ramadan Special: 

Enjoy 10% off with the promo code


for pre-orders made before 4pm at

. Available for pick-up between 4.30pm to 7pm.

Ramadan Operating Hours (29 May – 23 June):

Monday – Friday: 6pm – 11pm

Saturday: 11.30am – 11pm

Sunday: 11.30am – 6pm

Hyde & Co.

Area: Arab St

Halal Status: MUIS Certified

 2. Roll with EPIKebabs and get it delivered to your doorstep as well

Meaty Kebabs at EPIKebabsMeaty Kebabs at EPIKebabs

Meaty Kebabs at EPIKebabs

Rice Meals at EPIKebabsRice Meals at EPIKebabs

Rice Meals at EPIKebabs

A quick and savvy option, pre-order EPIKebab’s delicious meaty kebab for a nutritious meal after a long day of abstaining from food and drink. Their Ramadan Family Meal consists of four hearty kebab rolls, complete with drinks, chilli chips and dates or the Iftar Family Meal – a similar package with Kebab Rice Meals in place of kebabs.Their everyday menu is also available as long as you order at least an hour in advance. For pre-orders exceeding $120, the orders must be submitted a day in advance to give them ample prep time. Come by and pick it up at your leisure during their operating hours.For all the harried workers who barely have time to make a pick-up, there is also the pre-order option with delivery. However for delivery, make sure to put in your purchases at least four hours in advance so you can enjoy your Ramadan specials in time to break your fast.

Ramadan Special: 

Enjoy the Iftar Family Meal for 4 at only $35 or the Ramadan Family Meal at only $35. Full menu for pick-up and delivery available for order


Area: Rochor

Halal Status: MUIS Certified

3. Soothing the belly with warm ramen from The Ramen Stall

Ramen from The Ramen StallRamen from The Ramen Stall

Ramen from The Ramen Stall

Piping hot soup is always something to look forward to when eating on an empty stomach. If you can’t stomach solid food on an aching tummy, we recommend pre-ordering nutritious, savoury ramen to soothe the tummy and coax a meal for Iftar.The soft silkiness of the noodles and flavour-some broth is sure to whet the appetite after hours on an empty stomach. It’s also easier to consume for the elderly in the family that have sensitive palates.The Ramen Stall will only be operating at 6pm so to make it in time to pick up and get back home, we suggest making your pre-orders the day before for pick-up the following day.Orders can also be made during operating hours from 6pm to 6am on weekdays and 12pm to 6am on weekends so make sure to pre-order in advance or pick it up during Sahur – pre-dawn meal. You’ll even have ample time to head to Masjid Sultan for Fajr prayers.

Ramadan Notice: 

The Ramen Stall operating hours will be extended from 6pm to 6am from Monday to Friday and 12pm to 6am for Saturday and Sunday for Ramadan. Call in to make pre-orders for pick-up for Sahur or Iftar.FRIENDS Cardholders: Get 10% off on your orders on weekdays with your FRIENDS Card (min. spending $50).

The Ramen Stall

Area: Arab St

Halal Status: MUIS Certified

4. New local fusion flavours for an exciting Iftar at home



Introducing two new specials exclusive for Ramadan, Kaw Kaw SG plans to spice up Iftar with their Sweet Sour Fish Burger and Sambal Burg. These exclusive burgers will be made available for order and pick up at Aliwal Street, Engku Aman Road and Geylang Bazaar.Pre-orders are currently packed for Kaw Kaw SG but you still have the option of walking in to make your orders from 4.30pm at Aliwal Street.

Ramadan Special:

Sweet Sour Fish Burger & Sambal Burg at $16.90 each.Get 10% off on your orders on weekdays with your FRIENDS Card.

Kaw Kaw SG

Area: Arab St

Halal Status: MUIS Certified

5. It already feels like Raya with Pizzaboy

Grab a variety of pizzas from Pizzaboy with 10% off for self pick-ups!Grab a variety of pizzas from Pizzaboy with 10% off for self pick-ups!

Grab a variety of pizzas from Pizzaboy with 10% off for self pick-ups!

If you're not sure yet, here are chicken wings to entice you!If you're not sure yet, here are chicken wings to entice you!

If you’re not sure yet, here are chicken wings to entice you!

We may be starting Ramadan tomorrow but it already feels like an early Raya with Pizzaboy’s Hari Raya Specials. For the family that likes to keep it simple and contemporary – especially the big families with many children, it’s a no fuss Iftar with pizza on the menu. Give the cook in the family a break and get take-out!The Hari Raya Special set comes with 1 Regular Pizza – in PB Rendang or PB Sambal flavour – and 2 piece Chicken Wings at $12.90 only. Pre-order any item off their menu for pick-up between 3pm to 6pm and get 10% off! For big families, we recommend the Super Power Fiesta Meal and Super Family Meals so everyone will be fully satisfied and filled with energy for terawih.

Ramadan Special:

Hari Raya Special – 1 Regular (PB Rendang or PB Sambal) Pizza and 2 Pcs Chicken Wings. 10% off all items on the menu for pick-ups between 3pm to 6pm. Delivery option is also available.

 or call 6493 5777.

PizzaboyArea: Changi Road

Halal Status: MUIS Certified

6. Keep it hearty and homey with Nawra Fine Food’s Nasi Lemak and Malay cuisines



Over in the North East, we have Nawra Fine Foods so its more accessible for those on the other side of town. Ramadan is a time when you seek comfort in local traditional dishes that we grow up with! Nawra Fine Food’s Iftar sets provides that and more with the option of good old Mee Rebus with Tulang and fragrant Nasi Lemak Kukus with giant crispy sotongs.Even though it’s traditional, the food also has its own twist. For instance, the Nasi Lemak is mixed with herbs thats good for us like Fenugreek and there are also fusion items like Fried Squid with Nacho Cheese and Taiwanese Crispy XXL Chicken.

Ramadan Specials: 

Pre-orders should be made two hours in advance for self pick-up between 9am to 5pm. Last pre-order by 5pm. Delivery is also available island wide. Order at 87234784.

Iftar Set A is the Nawra Mini Platter (2 – 3 pax) – $25

  • 1 Nasi Lemak TNT (with Sotong Raja and Crispy Chicken Cutlet)

  • 2 Mee Rebus Gearbox

  • 2 Otahs

  • 1 Sotong Cheese Fries

Iftar Set B is the Nawra Friendly Feast (4 – 5 pax) – $50

  • 2 Nasi Lemak TNT

  • 1 Nasi Lemak Kukus

  • 1 Mee Rebus Gearbox

  • 1 Mee Rebus Rangup

  • 1 Sotong Raja

  • 5 Otahs

  • 2 Sotong Cheese Fries

Iftar Set C is the Nawra Family Mega Feast (6 – 8 pax) – 80

  • 3 Nasi Lemak TNT

  • 2 Nasi Lemak Kukus

  • 1 Mee Rebus Gearbox

  • 1 Mee Rebus Rangup

  • 2 Sotong Raja

  • 2 Giant Crispy XXL Chicken

  • 6 Otahs

  • 3 Sotong Cheese Fries

Nawra Fine FoodsArea: Ang Mo KioHalal Status: Muslim OwnedFor full address & opening hours, refer here.

7. Who says you can’t satay during Ramadan!

10% off the Sate Platter this Ramadan!10% off the Sate Platter this Ramadan!

10% off the Sate Platter this Ramadan!

Completing our list of pre-order options, we have Jamil Sate joining us for that satisfying meaty kick. For a feast to give you a boost to last you through your evening prayers and for the meat lovers, these tender, juicy and succulent sate meats are open for Iftar orders on weekdays for pick-up between 4pm to 5pm. Alternatively, you can also get it delivered to you between 4pm to 6pm.For Iftar, get your pick of Mini Bento, Sate Bento or Sate Platter and add sides like the Spicy Chicken Sate, Prawn Sate and Mini Eclair to complete your meal. To get your orders, make sure to submit them by 12 pm or one day in advance.

Ramadan Specials:

Enjoy 10% off sate platter orders with the promo code “


” when you order



Jamil Sate Classic

Area: Kallang

Halal Status: Muslim Owned

This article was sponsored by Hyde & Co.Hyde & Co serves a novel and unique blend of local and contemporary cuisines that are now available on Take Hyde Out for easy pick-up on the go. They are halal-certified by MUIS.

Hyde & Co. is located at 785 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198753. For more information like contact details and opening hours, refer here. Enjoy 10% off with the promo code: IFTARHYDEOUT when you pre-order for pick-up here.


Here is a list of places to go for after-terawih gatherings with your close friends so that you can catch your prayers and still, squeeze in time for a quick meet up with your old time buddies. This article is brought to you by Hyde & Co. Hyde &Co. brings to you after-terawih hangouts so that you can get the best of Ramadan in both spiritual and physical relationships.

Ramadan has always been well known as a blessed month for the Muslims. Apart from developing a deeper relationship with God, Ramadan is also a time for us to improve our relationships with other people. It is the month where we seek forgiveness for past mistakes, race with one another to ensure that our neighbours and the less fortunate have food to eat and to collectively, practice more good deeds.It’s a time for not just cleansing of the spirit and the body – in terms of being more mindful of the words we speak and controlling our base desires and in terms of health, reducing the consumption of unhealthy food, it is also when we seek reconciliation and forgiveness for intentional or unintentional past hurts amongst one another.Fittingly, this is also why many Muslims also make time to iftar together with friends and other communities to help facilitate bonding and foster new relationships. It is a time where our non-Muslim friends get to share part of the experience with us and have educational discussions about Ramadan and for us to rejuvenate our existing friendships.However as we have terawih prayers, it can be tough to slot in time for gatherings so to enable you to benefit from both, we have gathered a list of places that are open until late so that you can manage it better.

1. Sweeten your gatherings with Hyde & Co’s invigorating brews and treats




For 29 May to 23 June 2017, Hyde & Co is well prepped to receive you with open arms all the way until 11pm from Monday to Saturdays! With Masjid Sultan and Masjid Malabar within walking distance, you have plenty of time to complete your prayers before making your way down to Hyde & Co. to meet up with your friends for desserts.Desserts range from cakes like Apple Crumble, Salted Caramel, Moist Chocolate Cake and more. They are also available on a daily rotational basis so you can call in to 66355785 in advance to find out what they have that day!New on their menu is the Unicorn Dreams, a whimsical creation of Buttermilk Waffles with Banana Brulee, Buttered Popcorn and Summer Berries Ice Cream. For a nostalgic finishing touch, Hyde & Co. has also brought back childhood memories with a drizzle of “Paddlepop” fondue to brighten up this beautiful dessert.If unicorn dreams are not your kind of thing, there is also the trusty Hyde’s Kaya Toast for a signature comforting dessert.

Closest Mosque: 

Masjid Sultan or Masjid Malabar

Ramadan Operating Hours (

29 May – 23 June):

Monday – Friday:

6pm – 11pm


11.30am – 11pm


11.30am – 6pm

Call 66355785 for reservations on weekdays.

Hyde & Co.

Area: Arab St

Halal Status: MUIS Certified

2.  Split the feast with a friend for supper at T Bob’s Corner


For those who usually can’t eat much right during Iftar, you might hear your stomach start grumbling after prayers. If you’d like to eat a bit more to calm it down a bit but would prefer to share, T Bob’s Cranberry Briyani is great for splitting between friends. The Cranberry Briyani platter for two is priced at $42 and comes with kacang pool, two katira drinks, a dessert and kunafa cheese. It is served with a choice of Lamb Shank, Beef Rib, or Chicken.The platter is recommended for those who usually break fast on dates and not much else because you’re uncomfortable eating on an empty stomach, so you can fill up on this satisfying meal after prayers. On the other hand, if you’re hungry but don’t think you can eat that much, there’s always the option to share it between a group of friends so you can chat and take your fill leisurely.On a side note, we hear they will be at Bussorah Street’s Ramadhan Bazaar this year so for those who’d like to have their infamous Beef Ribs, Lamb Shank, and Lamb Shoulder to enjoy with family, you can visit them there.

Closest Mosque / Musollah: 

Masjid Ansar. Prayer space is also available on the 2nd floor of T Bob’s Corner.

Ramadan Operating Hours


Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday: 12nn – 10pm

Friday & Saturday: 12nn – 11pm

Call 64498527 for reservations.

T Bob’s Corner

Area: Bedok

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

3. Catching Iftar at Kucina Italian Restaurant after trawling the Geylang’s shops and bazaars



After shopping for clothes and new items to decorate your home for Raya, catch Iftar at Kucian Italian. Walk in early, in time for the first round of seats and order by 7pm or if you’re planning to come by after Maghrib at Darul Arqam’s surau, there is a second seating at 8.30pm.We recommend making reservations through their FaceBook’s book now button. The restaurant has also revamped their menu to include Antipasto, Truffle Pasta, Homemade Tortellini and Ravioli, New White Pizzas, Chef Pizza, Calzone and the new dessert platter. They have also extended their gelato list, of which we have raved about the durian one before here (the Pistachio is really good too).

Closest Mosque / Musollah: 

Masjid Wak Tanjong. Surau available at Darul Arqam’s Convert Association.

Ramadan Operating Hours


Daily: 11.30am – 10pm

Call 64932154 for reservations

Kucina Italian Restaurant

Area: Paya Lebar

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

4. Refresh yourself with Segar Village’s halal zichar menu


Alternatively, we also share a love for other signature Singaporean cuisines that our friends eat like Chinese and Indian food so it’s great that Segar Village serves up halal Zichar dishes. The have the classic range of live seafood from fish, sotong and crab to the accompanying side dishes of vegetables, soups and omelettes.The seafood are cooked in various styles – from Hong Kong Steamed, the sweet and sour to deep fried styled for the fish and likewise for each type of seafood on their menu. For the full extensive menu, you can view it here.They also have a compilation of different sets consisting of barbecued items, a mix of local dishes and more available for viewing here. Best of all, they are open until 11.30pm everyday with the last order at 11pm.

Closest Mosque: 

Not Available. We recommend heading there after terawih.

Ramadan Operating Hours


Lunch Daily: 11.30am – 2.30pm

Dinner Daily: 5.30pm – 11.30pm

Call 65471031 for reservations.

Segar Village

Area: Sims Way

Halal Status: MUIS Certified

 5. Brothers in Fine Food

Open up until 11pm, Brothers in Fine Food is a fine place to chill and eat for Iftar or even after terawih. They are going all out with a special menu for the first week of Iftar that will feature up to 18 distinct items, including the house favourites. A full buffet comes at the price of $38.



Some of the tantalising plates featured for this buffet are the Soft Shell Crab with Thai Red Curry, the trademark Dry Aged Roasted Sirloin served with Beetroot Thyme Puree and the desserts are also as intricate. There is the Lebanese Milk Rice Pudding with Rose Blossoms and Pistachio, Churros with Salted Caramel and Liquid Cheesecake dips and plenty more. Even though it is a moderately sized buffet, the items are well worth the price and each is carefully constructed and flavourful.

Closest Mosque: Masjid Darul Ghufran

Ramadan Operating Hours


Tuesday – Friday: 12nn – 10.30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 10.30pm

Call 90089314 for reservations.

Brothers in Fine Food

Area: Tampines

Halal Status: Muslim-Owned

6. Go Kaw Kaw Sg with their mega Ramadan burger specials

Kaw Kaw Sg normally operates at Aliwal St but special to 2017, they have extended their reach and can now be found at the Geylang Bazaar. Whipping up two giant burgers fit to keep you full all through the night and even probably through Sahur, Kaw Kaw’s Ramadan Menu features the Sambal Burg and Sweet and Sour Fish Burger.


We recommend the Sambal burg for after terawih because it has quite a kick and it might be a little rough on the stomach for Sahur and right during Iftar. You can get your burger at Kaw Kaw SG at Aliwal St itself from 4.30pm onwards – last orders at 9.30pm or you can get it from Geylang Bazaar from 4pm to 11pm for takeaway if you plan to hang out at someone’s house or another place.

If you’re planning to dine in at Kaw Kaw SG on a weekday, remember to flash your FRIENDS Card for the customary 10% off plus they’re also offering every second pitcher set for five pax free for FRIENDS Card holders. The first pitcher set comes at $6.90 and flavours are updated weekly on their Instagram @kawkawsg every Sunday night.

Closest Mosque: Masjid Sultan

Ramadan Operating Hours (25 May to 24 June 2017)


Sunday – Thursday: 12nn – 9.30pm

Friday: 3pm – 10.30pm

Saturday: 12pm – 10.30pm

Call 64448349 for reservations.

Kaw Kaw Sg

Area: Arab St

Halal Status: MUIS Certified

7. Chill out and about over a tower of drinks (quite literally) at Srisun Express


The usual vast menus of North and South Indian cuisine are open 24/7 as always at our ever reliable Srisun Express. This is the local chill out and about place that you can go to anytime, anywhere. They have a dozen over different types of pratas from coin sets for kids, complete with Yakult and watermelon slice and fluffy naans.Their drinks towers are the bomb so you can sip and chill for as long as you want after your terawih session with your members. Srisun Express will give you 50% off any $12 or $13 drink towers for customers who quote HFH and FRIENDS Card holders can get an additional 50% off any large order of the following sides: fries, cheese fries, masala fries, wedges and cheese wedges.

Outlets: Bukit Batok & Serangoon Gardens 

Ramadan Operating Hours


Srisun Express

Area: Bukit Batok & Serangoon Gardens

Halal Status: MUIS Certified

This article was sponsored by Hyde & Co.Hyde & Co serves a delectable and tasty desserts that are now available for Iftar and after terawih. They are halal-certified by MUIS.

Hyde & Co. is located at 785 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198753.  Enjoy 10% off with the promo code: IFTARHYDEOUT when you pre-order for pick-up here. is the hunting ground for you to scout for halal food places in Singapore, make reservations at restaurants, as well as to get your latest cravings delivered to you. Be handsomely rewarded for choosing halal when you take it one step further by being FRIENDS with us. Check us out at!

Get your FRIENDS with Rewards Card now at only $18/year and unlock discounts at over 60 halal restaurants, cafes, bakeries including online e-commerce businesses in Singapore.

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