Catch 62 Halal Food Stalls, Free Movie Screenings and Singa the Lion at Twilight Flea & Feast – Proudly Local.

This August, celebrate all things you love and remember about Singapore with TWILIGHT: Flea & Feast! In commemoration of our nation’s 53rd birthday, TWILIGHT is bringing you a “Proudly Local” edition packed with activities, food, and retail options that will bring out the proud Singaporean in you.


This August, celebrate all things you love and remember about Singapore with TWILIGHT: Flea & Feast! In commemoration of our nation’s 53rd birthday, TWILIGHT is bringing you a “Proudly Local” edition packed with activities, food, and retail options that will bring out the proud Singaporean in you.If you’re still unconvinced, here’s why you should hit #TWILIGHTSG up with your friends and family for an early celebration this weekend, Friday 3 August to Sunday 5 August 2018 at Suntec Convention Centre Hall 401 – 402.

There are more than 60 halal stalls!

We’ve already written about the top ten that we will definitely be visiting. There are a few firsts at this Proudly Local Edition of Twilight.Eggstop will be make it’s first appearance at Twilight Flea & Feast. Kucina Italian, Roastitos, Coolman Fresh Yogurt and Jenggood will also be combinig forces to offer a LITBENTO, combining their most popular dishes for the price of one.Here’s the full list of all of the stalls that you’d be seeing when you head over.

1. The Original Pisang Keju

Booth: A1The Original Pisang Keju will be selling fried banana fritters, or pisang goreng with all manners of delightful toppings.

2. Musang Berjanggut

Booth: A2Find bamia, three types of Nasi Goreng – Kampung, Cabe or Tom Yum, and Munchkin ChocoBall with toppings like caramel, chocolate or strawberry.

3. Katoshka

Booth: A3The crowd favourite fries with loaded sauces. Expect a queue for this one.

4. Get Saiko

Booth: A4 (shared with Inariku)If Yummy Takoyaki’s queue gets too long, find Get Saiko. They will be selling their Kani takoyaki: their signature topped with torched kani mayo mixed with tobikko and japanese chilli powder, as well as ramen, bentos, dons, inari

5. Inariku

Booth: A4 (shared with Get Saiko)Expect a whole suite of halal Japanese cuisine that you’ve never tried here from the famous home chef of Inariku.There will be Tantan Ramen- With ramen fresh-frozen from Japan smothered in a broth concoction adapted from Gyu-kaku’s recipe, seasoned minced chicken, various other toppings & runny yolk ramen egg.Try their Lobster and Spicy Chicken Floss Inari which comes at $12 per set. They will also be selling Unagi Bento- Served atop Japanese rice, their unagi slab is cooked to tenderness in a special sauce, with sides of tamagoyaki, spicy scallop lips, chuka wakame & tsukemono (pickled radish). Down it with Strawberry and Yuzu Japanese Cider. Ooh we can’t wait!

6. Trafee

Booth: A5Look for ice lollies, traditional style from Trafee!

7. Bachelor Brothers

Booth: A6Their Mango Overload is filled with fresh Thai Mangoes which all Singaporeans love. try their MozaBeef burgers as well.

8. I want Roti Boyan by Izyan

Booth: A7Who sells this at pop ups? This is a well loved fried bread filled with spiced potatoes and eaten with ikan bilis sambal. A simple joy in life. Get this traditional breakfast from them.

9. Lynn’s Cakes

Gorgeous and meticulously decorated cake which reflect the handiwork of owner and baker Lynn. Who wouldn’t mind supporting local with such good cakes.

10. Quench

Booth: A9Get your basic teh tarik, coffee, mineral water and other drinks from Quench, because when you have too much fancy food, you’re going to need something simple to lepak at the picnic area with before you go for the next round. Check out Picneeds’ set up!

11. Saos.SG

Booth: A10What to get here: Serabai Cempedak, a traditional pancake, and Lontong fusion with salted egg sauce.

12. Project Keria

Booth: A10Another traditional Malay dessert that is quite rare in event pop ups. These are sweet potato doughnuts. Project Keria makes theirs with a gula melaka coating.

13. Naughty Boys

Booth: A11Their mac & cheese were once underestimated but is now worth long queues.

14. Macarons.SG

Booth: A12Singapore-made Macarons which are so colourful and taste so delicately sweet. Try out one box and choose as many flavours as you want!

15. Famous Satay Burger

Booth: A13Their satay goreng and satay burger is truly unique.

16. Kori Bowls

Booth: A14Get Japanese shaved ice here!

17. Crispy Kricks

Booth: A15Find halal fried wanton from Crispy Kricks! These snacks will be good for watching movies with.

18. Mmmduck

Booth: A16Mmmduck will be selling duck rice and aglio alio.

19. Limaa

Booth: A17 (shared with Julie Bakes)Yes the healthy cafe at Haji Lane is back at a pop up event with their cold pressed promeganate and sandwiches!

20. Julie Bakes

Booth: A17 (shared with Limaa)This cake shop needs no introduction. They are the creators of one of the best Ondeh-ondeh layer cakes in Singapore and have come up with so many local fusion cakes since then like the Durian Serawa, the Cempedak, the Putri Salat. Their flavours are just so powerfully local.

21. Broti

Booth: A19You see them at pasar malams serving giant cups of milk tea like Thai milk tea, and masala tea, which Singaporeans seemed to be forever obsessed with. You’ll also find soda here.

22. JP Kitchen

Booth: B1They will be selling cookies and crackers, good for the movies that you will be sitting back to watch while waiting for your tummy to make more space for more food!

23. Encik Rizal & Co

Booth: B10One of the best hot dog and buns stall you’ll find in any pop up event. Encik Rizal himself will be serving them to you. Find him in their signature green army hat.

24. Roastitos

Booth: B11Roastitos and Air Jagung Ketagih will be sharing a stall once more. Find satay wraps and Roastitos and the signature giant creamy corn drinks from Air Jagung Ketagih!

25. Jenggood

Booth: B12Jenggood usually sells super satisfying Laksaudon- a cross between Laksa and Udon. This time, there will be a bento set collaboration between Roastitos, Jenggood, Kucina Italian and Coolman Fresh as well so do look out for that!

26. Eggstop

Booth: B13This is the first time this brand is appearing in public. Their branch at Paya Lebar Square will be opening soon too. Look for thick toasts housing all manners of halal meat fillings topped with a gooey egg yolk precariously balanced. Careful, don’t break the yolk!

27. Kava

Booth: B14Kava has really nice Ondeh-ondeh soft serve ice cream with cookie bits hidden in between the layers. A really nice surprise for dessert lovers. They are also really creative with their ice cream- coming up with flavours like green apple, thai tea. Look out for their frappes as well!

28. Pink Sucree

Booth: C2Famous for their nutella tarts, come down to Twilight to try their flavour of the month – Thai Green Tea. I wonder if the Thais are as obsessed with their teas as us.

29. Eats & Treats

Booth: C9Snack on crackers from them when you are bored of heavy food.

30. Marnis

Booth: C10A stall set up by celebrity trio – Sharif, Nurul Aini and Fauzie Laily, they use their booth as a platform to sell other home bakes that they love. For Twilight, they will be collaborating with Four Baker Boys as well.

31. Coolman Frozen Yogurt

Booth: C11They are the first halal Italian yogurt in Singapore and will be collaborating with Roastitos, Kucina Italian, Jenggood to sell a LITBENTO as well.

32. Kucina Italian

Booth: C12Find this rare halal cheese wheel pasta at their booth!

33. Dahlia Cuisine

Booth: C13They will be selling something more filling – Nasi Bukhari, something you can tapau and bring home!

34. Urban Thai

Booth: C14Look out for good Thai food here!

35. Chulop

Booth: L11Churros, and puff bombs. The favourite sweet delights will be at Suntec for the weekend!

36. Chendol Geylang Serai

Booth: L12This is the famous chendol you’ll see at Geylang Food Market and at most pasar malams around Singapore. They serve their cendol in small servings so you can buy as many as you want!

37. Thimbol

Booth: L14Teh tarik float!!!!! Yes.

38. Bakers Luv

Booth M2Their rolls are so soft and luscious. Yes to their Onde Onde Roll.

39. Ratu Lemper

Booth: M4You’ll find lemper (glutinous rice) filled with spicy chicken floss and other traditional kueh from Indonesia and Singapore. Their taste is always on point and the packaging is always neat.

40. Overdose

Booth: M11Another stall with giant bags of drinks, but this time, it’s more portable.

41. Yossakul Thai Kitchen

Booth: M12Find Thai Mango Sticky Rice, Pad Thai, Thai Laksa and Beef Stew Noodles here. Thai food is something that Singaporeans always love no matter your background.

42. D’Kitchen by DD

Booth: M13Get your cookie dough on a cone, as a milkshake, even in a sandwich! D’Kitchen by DD provides dough in an immense variety of flavours so you get to be picky!

43. Dengdeng Gua Pau-er

Booth: M14Sungguh power! this stall has the best of both worlds, stuffing sweet and meaty Dengdeng inside a steaming pau bun,along with fresh vegetables and chopped chilli. It’s sure to make your day!

44. Yummy Takoyaki

Booth: N1Doused in cheese with the Cheese Banjir special, or the original covered in mayonnaise and bonito flakes, Yummy Takoyaki has your favourite pasar malam food done in new ways.

45. Cakelove

Booth: N2Dutch pancakes and Thai iced tea made and sold at one stall? Cake Love managed to do just that so visit them to get your drink on and your tummy filled!

46. Sataygo

Booth: N3Minus the sticks but plus the convenience, Satay Go has satay, lontong and of course your favourite peanut sauce, onion and cucumber slices in a bowl ‘to-go’! We KNOW your mouth is watering!

47. Takoyaki by JP Kitchen

Booth: N4JP Kitchen is well-known for serving authentic Japanese-themed cuisine packed with lots of flavour, especially their Takoyaki that is made with premium ingredients.

48. Aledya Group

Booth: N5Asian drinks with an icy twist can be found here at Aledya Group. Their Sugarcane and Passionfruit slushies are refreshing and are rare to find in Singapore.

49. Meat My Meat

Booth: N5You’re not in Philly’ but Philly can come to you! grab a piling pack of delicious Philly cheesesteaks and other types of fries to satiate your fry cravings for the week!

50. Ocean’s by SK

Booth: N6Ocean’s by Shereen’s Kitchen pulls all the stops when it comes to finger foods. Drop by to grab your favourite sotong rings, hotdogs and nacho chips. It’ll be worth your time!

51. Markozar

Booth N7Markozar has all types of desserts for your choosing, so even the pickiest of people will find something they like!

52. Street Submarine

Booth N8Presenting Street Submarine’s Lobster Sub, with succulent lobster meat stuffed into a toasted butter bun drenched in their special butter sauce and mayonnaise dressing.

53. Mkuking

Booth N9Get your hearty and indulgent noodles-in-a-box that come in an array of styles here, such as the Mee Bandung Muar Crayfish and Crayfish Katok!

54. Satay Wak Hadi

Booth N10Don’t forget to visit Satay Wak Hadi for their irresistible pan-fried satay wraps served with a generous amount of peanut sauce. They also have the skewered Satays for those who like it the old-fashioned way!

55. O’Braim Lite

Booth N11Oh my goodness it’s O’Braim! Visit them to grab a set of goreng pisang with cheese toppings and chocolate drizzled on top!

56. Ikan 1986

Booth N12Ikan1986 has perfected the art of grilling otah, making sure the mackerel inside comes out fresh and steaming!

57. Burgernomics

Booth N13Savoury, melt-in-your-mouth burgers can only be found at this stall, where the juicy patties are drenched in sauces, mushrooms and cheese! Grab them while they’re hot!

58. Pergh Hot Dog

Booth N14Corn dogs, hotdogs and many other carnival foods can be found at Perghh! A sure sound you’ll make when you bite into their yummy foods!

59. Sugarpops & Cuppycakes

Booth N15They’re bringing their Tahu Begedil to the event and other desserts that they have.

60. Boo:eh

Booth N17Celebrate National Day with a cup of halal butterscotch drink inspired by the famous drink of Harry Potter’s wizarding world.

61. Sofra

Booth N18One of the original turkish kebab place at Shaw Tower is back again at Twilight serving their original kebabs.

62. Air Jagung Ketagih

Booth: B11They are back with their creamy corn drinks! Look for them beside Roastitos.

Spot Singa the Lion and take photos with him!

Guess who’s coming out of retirement? Our favourite lion (besides the Merlion and maybe the one Sang Nila Utama spotted), Singa The Courtesy Lion, will be visiting to mingle and spread some love to all!

Watch your favourite blockbuster movies at the Picnic Area by Picneeds

3 August 2018, Friday:11am Wreck it Ralph3.30pm High School Musical 27.30pm Guardians of the Galaxy4 August 2018, Saturday:11am  Coco3.30pm The Lion King7.30pm Captain America: Civil War5 August 2018, Sunday:11am Frozen3.30pm Confessions Of A Shopaholic7.30pm Black Panther TWILIGHT: Flea & FeastDate: 3-5 AugustVenue: Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre (Hall 401/402)Time: 10am-10pmAdmission: Absolutely Free!


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