Five Places to Get Delicious Halal Turkey This December



Finding Halal turkey is like witnessing the appearance of a double rainbow. You have heard of it before, but strangely enough, it’s difficult to chance upon! From fast food chains to hotel buffets, Halal turkey in Singapore is not as ubiquitous as another flightless bird we know and love, the chicken. Be that as it may, the turkey still stands strong in the flavour and texture department, adding that extra ‘oomph’ to any feast.

On this list, we have gathered five of the latest and greatest sources of Halal turkey you can find this month. Just like a double rainbow, they only come when the time is right! So make sure you get your hands on these seasonal dishes while they’re still available.

1. Portopantry X Zac Butchery

Roasted Whole Turkey With Stuffing ($99.00)


Where else can you get prime meats than at your local butchery? Zac Butchery has been around for years now and is a familiar brand among the Muslim community. During a time when Halal stuffed sausages, rack of lamb and other cured meats were difficult to find, Zac Butchery would be there to save the day, serving the freshest quality meats mainly from Australia, New Zealand and South America.

In collaboration with Zac Butchery, the online marketplace, Portopantry, is now receiving orders for a whole roasted turkey with chicken herb stuffing AND 250ml cranberry sauce under their Christmas Feast promotion. At an estimated weight of 4.5-5.4kg, this turkey is the perfect centerpiece for corporate gatherings, parties and intimate events.

Place your orders at the official Portopantry site here.

2. The Halia

Whole Roasted Turkey ($70.00)


Due to incredibly popular demand, the whole roasted turkey from The Halia is currently out of stock! A special entry on the restaurant’s seasonal Christmas menu this December, this whole roasted turkey is so large and weighs an approximate 3-4kg, it can feed about 5-8 people with large appetites. No wonder it’s sold out! However, do not be discouraged, as this dish is available for order once again on the 16th December 2018. To reserve for delivery before 16 Dec, please call The Halia at (65) 8444 1148 (press option 4) or email [email protected].

The Halia also hosts other mammoth-sized foods for your year-end gatherings, such as the Spiced Smoked Turkey Breast and Honey Glazed Turkey Ham.

Honey Glazed Turkey Ham ($67.00)



To add icing to the cake, all these dishes can be ordered together under their special Christmas Gathering and Christmas Party Packages found on their website here. The Christmas Gathering Package (A), for example, is priced at a reasonable $275+ and includes a whopping SEVEN large dishes. What are you waiting for? Order now!

3. Blue Jasmine Christmas Buffet ($65++/adult)

An often mentioned restaurant in the upper echelons of society, the Halal Thai restaurant, Blue Jasmine has a reputation for being sophisticated in terms of presenting their gastronomic delights. During this year’s festive buffet promotions, they will be having a live station serving up steaming hot Roast Turkey as well as several other amazing spreads such as their Seafood on Ice, where there will be a wide selection of prawns, squids and black mussels galore.


The Blue Jasmine Christmas Buffet

Dates: 21-25 December 2018

Time: 6:30-10pm

The Blue Jasmine New Year’s Eve Buffet

Dates: 28–31 December 2018

Time: 6.30–10pm

Reservations for all events may be made at 6824 8851 or [email protected]

Children aged 6 to 12 years old will enjoy half the price at $32.50++, while children 5 years and below dine for free.

4. Hararu Izakaya

Tomato & Enoki Turkey Skewers

The first Halal Japanese Izakaya restaurant in Singapore serving charcoal-grilled cuisine, Hararu Izakaya pulls out all the stops not just in stylish ambience and decor, but also in food presentation and quality. This year, the new tomato Turkey & Enoki Turkey skewers are set to take your taste buds on a journey to the streets of Tokyo where grilled, skewered goods are usually served in small, intimate stalls to hungry patrons during the lunch and dinner rush hours.

Enoki Turkey Skewers ($7.00)


Golden mushroom wrapped in sliced turkey skewers.

Tomato Turkey Skewers ($6.00)


Cherry tomato wrapped with sliced turkey skewer.

5. Rumah Rasa Year-End Festive Buffet 


The unusual but intriguing Blue Bird that is a highlight at Rumah Rasa’s year-end festive buffet has not gone rotten nor is it inedible. In fact, quite the opposite is true! This dish is a whole Tandoori Turkey that has been braised using a Butterfly Blue Pea Flower till soft and tender. Since this is an Indonesian restaurant, the Tandoori Turkey has fittingly been stuffed with Indomie! Any instant noodle fanatic and foodie would know from description alone that this dish is going to be mindblowing.

To find more information on the other dishes they have prepared for the buffet, check out our article here!

Lunch Buffet

22-25 Dec, 29-31 Dec, 1 Jan 2019: $48(Adult); $28(Child)

Dinner Buffet With Live BBQ

21-24 Dec, 28-21 Dec: $68(Adult); $38(Child)

The buffet promotion is on for a limited time only and starts on the 21st November, 2018. The full timetable can be found on their official website.


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