Ramadhan Specials at Butter Studio!



Joining the craze of providing Ramadhan Specials would be Butter Studio and their selections of sweets and desserts to accompany your iftar meals, and/or your second round dessert after your iftar and solat. Their main course specials this time around starts off with the Sweet Potato Pancakes with Curry Chicken.

Sweet Potato Pancakes with Curry Chicken

It sounded so strange the first time I¬†heard it, I had to repeat it several times just to get my head around it. While it¬†might not be your conventional combination, the savoury pancake did complement the curry really nicely. To be honest, I had expected a weird taste in my mouth, but surprisingly, there weren’t any. Perhaps this was because of the type of curry that was accompanying the pancakes – expect the curry to taste like Chinese curry – remember golden pillow’s curry? Yep – something like that.


The Mexican Wrestler

My favourite burger at Butter Studio is actually the Elvis Burger. But since they’ve removed that from their menu, The Mexican Wrestler is definitely a close contender. The chicken served in this particular burger is juicy and chunky, and at the end of the meal, you’ll feeeeeeelll the generous portion that is the burger itself. The size of this burger¬†not for the faint hearted, so I suppose if you’re going to give this one a try, make sure you’re really hungry, but since its fasting month, I’m sure that isn’t a problem.

We’re coming to the good stuff, don’t worry.


Strawberry Lychee Tea Float


Ondeh Ondeh Tea Float


Butter studio is first and foremost a bakery, and so what they are next good at would naturally be their desserts section. Just for Ramadhan, they are presenting their specialty drinks – the ice cream floats and drinks! They actually have 3 types, The Sawadee Thai Tea Float, the Ondeh Tea Float and the Strawberry Lychee Tea Float – but the photo of the Sawadee didn’t make the cut (*bawls! I need to take better photos*)

Our top choice of the drinks was the¬†Strawberry Lychee Tea Float,¬†and found it a perfect refreshing drink for after Solat at night!¬†But maybe that’s just coz we’re biased – coz that drink is really a girl’s drink – all pretty and sweet. haha!

During iftar, somehow, our tummies get smaller, and we’re only able to fit either just dinner, or just desserts. So for those nights that all we want is a quick iftar, and then desserts – this would be the perfect choice. As usual, pancakes from Butter Studio is aways thick and fluffy, and¬†is set to fill your tummy.¬†In order of appearance, we have the Isphahan Buttermilk Hotcakes, Nuts about Nutella, and the Gula Melaka Banana Hotcakes.

Isphahan Buttermilk Hotcakes

This first¬†one on the list will be ladies’ choice just because of how pretty it is – and also how sweet it is. The taste of lychee is strong with this one, as it comes both in the ice cream served with it, and also the generous sauce around it.


Nuts about Nutella

If you intend to go for¬†Nuts about Nutella, we need to let you know that they are not kidding when they came up with the name. There’s nuts in the pancakes,¬†on it, and around it. You’ve got to be a nuts fan and a chocolate fan to really love this particular plate.


Gula Melaka Banana Hotcakes

Winning our love and affection would be the Gula Melaka Banana Hotcakes, served with Coconut Ice Cream. The taste of the pandan was light, and the sweetness was just nice and balanced Рand basically not too sweet, especially after a day of fasting.All in all, if its a night after fasting that you want to chill out, or catch up with a friend, this would be the spot for the sweet tooth ! is the hunting ground for you to scout for halal food places in Singapore, make reservations at restaurants, as well as to get your latest cravings delivered to you. Be handsomely rewarded for choosing halal when you take it one step further by being our FRIEND. Check us out at!


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