Ramadhan Specials at Hyde & Co!


Neighbours that invite neighbours over for meals are neighbours meant for keeps! One such neighbour is Hyde&Co! On our most recent visit, we were treated to their Chef’s creations, especially chosen for Ramadhan, which I absolutely LOVE.

The moment it’s time for iftar this month, Hyde & Co. serves their carefully curated Ramadhan menu, which changes from week to week. Each set is a choice between Hyde’s Chili Crab Pasta and the week’s special main item served with a soup and The Addam’s Family –  Hyde’s signature Iced Moroccan Apple Tea with apple bits.

What I like about each and every item served in the very special Ramadhan Menu at Hyde & Co. is that they are all light dishes. Each dish filled up my tummy really nicely, without the feeling of bloatedness that I easily get after a day’s fasting. Served in perfect portions with a carefully curated ingredients to achieve that acquired taste, I would recommend Hyde & Co. as the place to iftar any day of the week.

Introducing the Ramadhan sets, I shall start with the mains for Week 1, the Har Cheong Kai Chicken Burrito.


Har Cheong Kai Chicken Burrito

It may look very innocent, but don’t let its looks deceive you. This mean little thing is spicy, and will give your taste buds a tasty shock. This burrito is perfect for the adventurous eater that can handle the spice and crunch of a fresh Spanish onion together with the sambal on the side that will give you the taste of our local Mee Soto Chili. In the wrap, you will find a mean serving of prawn paste chicken wrapped in Japanese rice, hence why I was pretty surprised at how the the entire dish is able to wrap up real nice and light, which sharp and spicy at the same time. This happens to be my favourite out of the 4 special mains served in the Ramadhan Menu – so I recommend you to iftar at Hyde on one of the evenings this week coz that’s the only time that it’s available!

Up next for Week 2 of Ramadhan at Hyde is the Miso Salmon.The key ingredient of Teriyaki Sauce is Sakae – which is basically Japanese wine. So when a halal-certified restaurant tells us that they are serving a dish with teriyaki sauce, we like to ask how he made his teriyaki sauce. The home-made teriyaki sauce without Sakae would have to be prepared fresh everyday, since alcohol is not used as a means of preserving the taste and making it long lasting. Of course, no chef would disclose how he made it, but we’ll start guessing any way! And by the way. Chef Nazlie’s teriyaki sauce is deeeeeeeeelicious!


Miso Salmon

The salmon was cooked just right, served on top of crushed roasted potatoes – but the real deal when it comes to this dish, was the teriyaki sauce that pulled the salmon and potatoes together perfectly. At this very moment, 2 weeks after the media visit, I can still remember how the teriyaki sauce tastes like – that’s how good it was!On week 3 of Ramadhan this month, Hyde will serve its Roasted Chicken Leg.


Roasted Chicken Leg @ Hyde & Co.

I personally loved how the chicken was well marinated with cajun spices and how perfectly the silken mash potatoes complemented the chicken. The chicken was tender, and tastebuds approved every bit, including the brown sauce. When the menu says that the mash potatoes were silken – they MEAN it! It was absolutely smoooooooth – no chunks, nothing for you to bite on, and very even in texture. This is one high grade mashed potatoes if there was such a thing.Last but definitely not least, on week 4 of Ramadhan, the Beef Cheek Rendang will join the menu to get you in the mood for Hari Raya!


Beef Cheek Rendang


If you are familiar with malay cuisine, I want you to imagine the texture of sambal belado and the taste of your mom’s favourite rendang minus the thickness of the coconut milk all fused into one dish – that is exactly how the Hyde’s rendition of Rendang tastes like, and it was absolutely deeelicious! The moment you bite into the beef, be ready to be greeted by soft and tender meat, as compared to the usual toughness of the meat from a regular rendang dish.

Definitely a cut down of the carbs, this rendang is served with sweet potato mash, definitely complementing the rugged taste of the rendang. This dish is not for the faint hearted, and not for the traditionalists – this means that your mom will likely not enjoy this dish, but you will!

I highly recommend that you give any of the above 4 dishes a try to get a the real flavour of our adventurous neighbour, but if you’re a little bit apprehensive, we’ll point you to their crowd favourite that’s available throughout the month: Hyde’s Chilli Crab Pasta!

We’ve reviewed this one before – so I suppose just saying that this is the most popular, number one and right at the top of the list of items that is repeatedly ordered by its customers would be enough, yes? 🙂

I dared not say it to the chef, but the quality of the food served at Hyde kind of allowed me to begin imagining how it would look like if halal cuisine ever entered the realm of fine dining.Before we say goodbye, here’s a final look at what the Ramadhan Set at Hyde and Co. looks like – except you have to choose just 1 main item out of the 2 in this picture. Each set will set you back by $25, but trust me, it is worth every cent. Remember that you have to make a reservation if you intend to pay them a visit for iftar, okay? More details below!


By Reservations Only

8 June – 2 July 2016

Wednesday – Saturday

1st Seating: 6.30pm – 8.15pm

2nd Seating: 8.30pm – 10pm

Reservations to be made at least 1 day in advance:

By Phone: 6635 5785

By Text: 9383 8735

Please include the following in the reservation:

– Name

– Number of Pax

– Contact Number

– Date/Day of Dining

– Timing (1st Seating or 2nd Seating)

– Choice of Mains

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