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If you’re going to Santap at The Daulat Boutique Hotel, please be prepared for a feast of the senses. This small, quaint restaurant found along Madras street near Little India holds many delectable dishes that are tasteful on the eyes as much as they are on the tongue.Santap when translated into English roughly means,’to eat luxuriously’. The restaurant also uses healthy recipes for their dishes, which adds icing to an already delicious, albeit organic cake. Curious to see if the restaurant’s philosophy is the same as its title, Saf and Zie went down to experience a royal affair of their own.

For the Mains, the ladies ordered a pair of main course dishes called the ‘Beef Rice Bowl‘ and ‘Avocado Frittata and Smoked Salmon‘. The dishes were HUGE, quite colourful and vibrant. Throughout the course of the afternoon, Santap managed to dutifully impress patrons with meticulous presentation by sprinking flower petals, cherry tomatoes and even sliced red daikon on their dishes.

Beef Rice Bowl


The special takeaway of the Beef Rice Bowl includes the brown rice which aligns with the idea of using healthier ingredients in their recipes.This was really delicious and light. The brown rice was of the light variety and they even had poppadom served with this.

Avocado Frittata and Smoked Salmon


The Drinks

The ladies ordered the ‘Space Monkey‘ and ‘Just Beet It‘. ‘Just Beet It‘ was beautifully garnished, as are many of the drinks at Santap. It is a fresh juice made up of beetroot, carrot and red apple. While given the thumbs up by both ladies, it was the ‘Space Monkey‘ that really sold Zie.

The ‘Space Monkey’ was a smoothie made of banana, chocolate, milk and speculoos biscuits. For people with a sweet tooth and no regard for their diet, this is practically heaven in a cup.


The Desserts


The ladies ordered a pair of acai bowls filled with a variety of fruits and guilty pleasures such as chocolate and peanut butter.The ‘Cocoa Cobana‘ was a bowl full of chocolate, acai berry, dragonfruit and pineapple slices topped with chia seeds and coconut flakes. ‘Apple Crumble‘ was a bit different as they replaced chocolate with apple slices to the bowl.Saf stated that the consistency of the acai was quite light and cool. Generally, the acai bowls were refreshing and good desserts to have on a hot day.  In conclusion, anyone who expects to be treated and fed like kings and queens will be receiving exactly what they hoped for, so do come down to Santap @ The Daulat Boutique Hotel and have a go at it yourself!

Watch the full vlog of Saf & Zie at Santap!


Halal-status: Status of Halal Food is guaranteed by Muslim Owner

Address: 16 Madras Street Singapore 208413

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday : 12:00pm – 10:00pm

Saturday to Sunday : 11:00am – 10:00pm

FRIENDS Pass Exclusive Deal:

Santap offers 10% off for FRIENDS! Valid All Day Any Day.


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