Product Review: RUHENS POP Water Purifier


Several months ago, RUHENS sent me their Pop Water Purifier, and I would say this is a VERY welcome edition to my house. I am ever so grateful to have this one at home! I no longer wait for water to boil whenever I am in need of warm water in the morning for my routine morning tea. I know, this is such a simple task that has been taken away from my day, but the ease that it gives me was something I truly didn’t expect.

You what else that was taken away? The mental weight of…
– having to ensure that there’s always boiled water for drinking in the kitchen.
– having to wake up 30 minutes earlier so that there’s enough time for water to boil before I need hot water
– having to remember to boil water first before I shower so that hot water will be ready for me at the right time
– having to ensure there’s enough hot water and room temperature water for me to mix so that I can get the right temperature for my baby’s milk
– having to always check the fridge to ensure that there’s always cold water on the ready.

Now, thanks to RUHENS, I have less things to think about when it comes to managing my home and kitchen.

On top of that, I now find myself filling up my bottle more regularly, in order to keep up with my required 3L required daily water intake – sometimes I have it warm, at 40 °C, sometimes I have it cold, sometimes I have it at room temperature. All options with almost no wait time, nor mental weight carried for its preparation.

Available options on this Water Filter System:
– Temperature Options: Cold, Room Temp, 50°C, 70°C, 80°C
– Volume: 120ml, 240ml, 500ml, (long press for 1.2L)

Cold Water
Hot Water

Hidden faucet as a hygiene feature

There are many water filters on the market right now, but I was particularly attracted to RUHENS because of its sleek, and slim design. But more than that, this model is also able to self-sterilise using UV light for about two minutes every hour. The tip of the water dispenser (faucet) is also safely tucked in and hidden during self-sterilising to ensure that the faucet remains clean and sterilized before use. 10/10 for product hygiene!

Installation service

I received this product while renovation was still ongoing for my house, so it was pretty tricky to coordinate the carpenter, the plumber and the technician from RUHENS but I have got to commend them for being so patient the entire time to ensure that the installations went well.

The technician from RUHENS will help set up the water purifier and even go through the filtration system with you, teach you how to use it, how to activate the hot water function and how to replace the water filter when it time comes for it.

They will even assist with explaining what is inside the water purifier – the micro-antioxidant carbon filter, the nanofact filter, and a post-carbon block filter that collectively remove sediment, particles, chlorine, harmful organic chemicals, contaminants, and odors from the water supply.

Pro Tip: If you get this for yourself, DO NOT throw away the manual. You’ll need to refer to it from time to time to initiate processes like self-cleaning and/or when you have to clean the water filter.

In short, this is by far my favourite appliance at home – second only to my dishwasher, haha!

Here’s a quick recipe that you can make using water at different temperatures from the water filter system, without actually waiting for water to boil, or cool whenever you feel like making this for yourself.

Lemonade Recipe:
(1) Take a jar of hot water (40 °C) from RUHENS POP Water Purifier and fill until it reaches 118 ml
(2) Add 3/4 cup of sugar and mix it well! (Stir stir stir)
(3) Take four lemons and squeeze them (don’t forget to pour it to the jar)
(4) Add around 827 ml cold water (4 °C)
(5) Combine all the ingredients until they are evenly mixed
(6) Pour it into a glass and take a sip of it!

This one was really sedap. I can feel the freshness that comes from lemonade flowing down my throat. Needless to say, this one is a #ravingreviews and #highlyrecommended kitchen appliances at home.

Try this recipe, and don’t forget to tag me on @halalfoodhunt when you do! Thanks RUHENS, for giving me an entirely different experience in the kitchen compared to the experience I had growing up!

I love having RUHENS water filter system at home, and I hope you do too ❤️.


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