Tartbox by Meenbakes Review: Gorgeous tarts in flavours like S’mores, Bandung and more!


Address: 114 Lavender Street CT Hub 2 #01-35 Singapore 338729
Iyyara Verification: Muslim Owned

Opening this box of tarts from Tartbox by Meenbakes (@tartboxbymeenbakes) made me go “Oooh aahhh!” 😍 They are so pretty and taste just as fantastic! Definitely something you can gift to impress. ❤️ #ravingreviews

As always, I judge a tart by its base. These ones are thin but firm, so you can taste a lot more of the fillings here. Just PERFECT!

1. Hazelnut milk choco
This tastes like it belongs to on the dessert table of a hotel buffet. The filling is thick and decadent and I will pay premium price for these.

2. Earl grey lavender
This has a milky sweetness that I enjoy. For this tart, I recommend a side of hot tea without sugar. Usually when I receive a variety like this tartbox, I’ll take a bite a flavour and move on. But for this, I had another piece hehe.

3. Black forest
If you’re a chocolate lover who loves super chocolatey things especially those with mousse-like textures, this is for you.

4. Biscoff cheesecake
This is very really cheesy but it’s not muak. I like the lightness of the cheese and the biscoff topping is not overwhelming. I can see this is the one you can get addicted to.

5. Raspberry swirl
The flavour of the raspberry is strong here so you get that hit of tanginess. Recommended for raspberry lovers.

6. Bandung
If I have to rank the tarts today, this one is Number 1 for me. This tastes like bandung through and through. I also took 2 bites from this hahaha.

7. Coconut mango
Tartbox by Meenbakes is a genius! I love the milky and creamy coconut paired with that milky sweet mango.

8. Milo dinosaur
This is true to the flavour. Really tastes like drinking milo from the milo van, but in tart version.

9. S’mores
The sweetness of the S’mores really comes through in this tart. I think the marshmallow makes a good pairing with the dark chocolate.

Overall, this box of tarts is a masterpiece. I seldom give a #mustbuy hashtag but you are really missing out if you don’t get this. I can tell Tartbox by Meenbakes is an honest baker. I don’t think they’re skimping or compromising on the ingredients at all. The tarts are all true to their flavours.

They have a shop at CT Hub so go visit them, or order. They have the bigger 8-inch versions which are great for parties.


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