49 Nutella Tart Home Bakers in Singapore to Order from for your Post-Raya Cravings

It’s official – Nutella Tarts are no longer just for Eid. Some of our local bakers have gotten us addicted to these chocolatey treats. Here’s a list of 45 Singaporean bakers you can stock up your Nutella tarts in the office or pantry from.

When is a good time for Nutella Tarts? Any time in life! The afternoon sugar pangs, the nights you need to Netflix and chill or just the times when you feel you need a new way of looking at life.Orders for them will probably be closed by now but hey, Nutella Tarts is not just for Hari Raya! You can still ride the kueh wave and order for your office snacks when they open up orders after Hari Raya again. (We had to exclude the private accounts that were recommended to us to manage our time and resources)

  • The Best Variety: #1 – #7

  • The Most Intricate Designs: #8 – #11

  • The Modern Kuih Base: #12 – #17

  • The Traditional Ones: #18 – #19

  • Pretty Packaging: #20 – #27

  • The Tallest Swirls: #28 – #30

  • The Neatest Tarts: #31 – #35

  • The Most Indulgent Tarts: #36 – #40

  • The Most Affordable: #41 – #43

  • Non-Nutella Tarts: #44 – #45

★ – Highly recommended

Bakers with the best variety of tarts 

1. @seduptive  ★

We’re so so so happy this exists in Singapore. There are some days when we’re a little more adventurous and craving for anything but Nutella. Seduptive has got tea-infused flavours that look gorgeous and taste unique. Flavours include Earl Grey, Thai Tea and Rose Tea tarts.

2. @lianaaneqqa

We love her tarts because the Nutella portions resemble a pretty rose. If you’re big on aesthetics and would like to match your tarts to your floral decor, we’d recommend you her tarts! She also sells other kuih-muih which are just as neat and beautiful.Another product of hers we want to highlight is the Kids Tella. They tart base comes in different colours to entice young children (though the bigger problem here is trying stop them from eating it, am I right?). We think it would be a great gift idea or snacks at children’s parties!

3. ★

Sweet Craves specialises in all things tart (in the Malay sense of it). She has so many flavours we are not going to list all of them here. (Special shout-out to Tutt Frutti, You can take a look below and see for yourself. We’re so amazed by their creativity to come up with so many different variations.Tip: You can get their platter version (a bit of everything) if you’re planning on snacking, rather than serving your guests.

4. @pinkwhisk_by_e ★

Get their mix platter if you want to try all they have: Original Nutella, Peanut Butter, Ovomaltine, Ondeh-ondeh, Red Velvet Nutella, Classic Pineapple.

5. @tartnutellalala

Have you tried blueberry or strawberry Nutella tarts? Well, get your hands on some from this sis. We like how she keeps her followers updated with her QC and development processes.

6. @kokotreats_sg

Koko Treats has one of the more colourful nutella tarts. We like how the packaging is simply, allowing the tarts to shine through.

7. @suuefle

Another community-favourite right here. You don’t have to ask why. Have you seen the amount of Nutella on each tart?Their bottles come in small sizes so you know these babies are only for you (and maybe one other sibling) , not for your Raya guests. We’ve heard of customers ordering these tarts just for a movie night!

The Most Intricate Designs

8. @bytzby_s.j

They have different designs of Nutella Tarts and all look like pieces of art. So intricate and so consistent. Open and serve these babies for a great conversation starter!

9. @lilgifts

We’re enchanted by the white snowflakes in the centre of the Nutella twirls. So photogenic lah these tarts! Don’t you agree?


This brand put a local twist to the usually butter-based tart by adding Milo powder into the base mixture. The brown base looks like cookies, a little more appetising than usual, no? (We didn’t even know that was possible until now!) They also have other kuih-muih, tarts and cakes for you to purchase.  Judging from their Instagram account, it looks like they specialise in engagement events, weddings and parties! We sure won’t mind getting nutella tarts as wedding favours at a friend’s wedding.

11. @ridabakes We like how this homebaker piped the Nutella onto the tart base. The chocolate top looks like cute little spiderwebs. #SpidermanHomecoming anyone?

The Most Modern Kuih Base


12. @nurasikincookielicious

This kakak uses a cookie base rather than the usually kuih tart dough. For those of you who prefer a modern cookie base with Nutella or the Red Velvet version, you can get them from her!Our verdict: Get these if you’re into Western cookies, rather than Malay kuih cookie-base.

13. @sweettreatsdc

While there are no oreo toppings, the tart base has been infused with oreo to give it more texture. If you’re into cookies, rather than buttery tarts, you should try this!

14. @madaboutcake_official

We received a couple of recommendations from this Malaysian-based bakery, Mad About Cake. Their tart base has been infused with hazelnut to give it the cookie-brown look. On top of the Nutella, they’ve crushed some hazelnuts to give it an extra crunch!


These Nutella tarts have oreo cookie crumbs to top the clean-cut, smooth Nutella swirls. We like it when our desserts have toppings. Hehe.

16. @labakessg

We know we’ve been talking about big tarts with lots of Nutella. However, here’s baker which prides on making relatively thin bases and a small swirl of Nutella. Looks like this would be a better option for those looking to keep their raya figure.


What we appreciate about this baker is how she offers different levels of crustiness for the base. Some days we want buttery base, some days we need the crunch. Whatever it is, Marvella’s smart for thinking this up.

The Traditional Ones

18.  @the.bakingmomma

Want the traditional recipe that will always win your heart and mouth? Try out the bakes by this baker. She uses her mum’s recipes which are 40 years old with premium ingredients. Tried and tested!

19. @asiahstarts

Cik Asiah sells the cutest looking pineapple tarts ever (check out her Instagram account). Her pineapple tarts have a slight crunch which goes so well with the sticky pineapple paste. But recently, she’s been trying out newer flavours like Ondeh-ondeh tarts and Nutella tarts. She has a lot of good reviews on her tarts and other bakes, so feel free to order yours from her!Our verdict: Buy all 3 flavours at one go because if not, you’ll regret it.  She sells out fast.

Pretty Packaging


20. @oneadessert

Their Nutella tarts are flatter than the usual tarts we see during Eid but are very pretty!

21. @ainacakes_

Her cakes and kuihs sell out quickly but you can just try your luck and DM her. If not, you can just scroll through account to see what you’re missing out on. Her photos are enough to make you salivate.

22. @sinfulchoco_treats

Is there such a thing as having too much Nutella? This sis definitely knows how to spoil her customers with her generous Nutella swirls. They also look neat and come in flatter bottles so you don’t mess up the other tarts while reaching in for one.

23. _@thebakerinasg

This sister is awesome for offering her chocolatey kuih platter. People are looking for testers to make sure they’re paying for quality and this is just right for that!

24. @sugarlyyourssg

We think their tarts have a unique flower design, reminding us of sunflowers! If you’ve got spring or sunflower-themed parties, you can try ordering these treats for your event.

25. @stylebyjane

Style by Jane also has a unique flower base design and the little petals look so adorable.

26. @bakesland

Bakesland is actually one of the few home-brands with a packaging worth keeping. No time and resource wasted trying to rearrange your kuihs from plain bottles to pretty ones.

27. @batterhalves

Batterhalves has packaging and kuihs you can serve right from the bottle, no need to waste time sorting them into presentable trays or bottles. Best part, they sell more than just Nutella tarts. We think it would also look good on an office table with a pink colour theme.

The Tall Swirls


28. @sacchaobsess ★

Seriously, everything made by this baker is so cantik and appetizing! Their Nutella twirls are not only big but they’re TALL!

29. @nyumnyumsg

We love Nyumnyum’s workmanship. You can choose between the pretty rose design or the Hershey-inspired design. What’s more? Their serving of Nutella is extremely satisfying.

30. @figuremybakes

This baker makes no-nonsense, simple Nutella tarts. They are also neatly arranged, which we appreciate very much.

The Neatest Tarts


31. @tartsandsuch ★

This brand is well-known in the community for all things chocolate. Other than the famous Nutella tarts, they have smores, Speculoos, Peanutella Pods, Ovaltine tarts and Cadbury Crunchie! Oooh, give us a break. We’re drooling already.


We would award these tarts The Neatest Tarts on The Block if we could. We understand that some of you are looking for neatly-sorted Nutella tarts. Doesn’t hurt to have the tarts look extra appetizing, while matching the neat and clean theme of your house and office. What’s more, they’ve got cool flavours like Ovaltine Tarts!


They have one of the most consistent-looking tarts out there, across all their different flavours. We love businesses who can handle consistency well. God-sent. Bites SG Nutella tarts also come in many different base colours and flavours.

34. @rollnswirlz

Yay to their level of consistency! So pretty~ They also sell Harum Manis. Hehe. Cubalah…

35. @pinksucree ★

No Nutella tart list is complete without Pink Sucree. Their iconic pink-capped bottles are setting them apart from the rest. Available at Ratu Lemper booths at bazaars, these tarts are well known because they’re at almost every big Ramadhan/Edi bazaar in Singapore.

The Most Indulgent Tarts


36. ★

This brand name always turns up when ‘nutella tarts’ are mentioned. They’ve got some very passionate fans out there who eat these like everyday snacks. Their secret is consistency. Their tarts are arranged neatly in transparent boxes where you can clearly see how consistent the amount and colour of the base is. If you’re new to nutella tarts and cannot afford to try something you might not like, you should try Tartella’s Nutella Tarts. It’s safe and it’s good. Our verdict: The base Nutella tart brand you should try before others.

37. @thebuttercupcookiery

We were mind-blown by the salted caramel drizzled over the Nutella tarts! We have to give them the Most Indulgent Nutella Tarts Award. They already have a high Nutella to base ratio but this caramel thing just blew off the roof!

38. @nutellicious_by_hany  ★

For a new small business, they’ve got quite a number of fans swearing by their recipe. Plus, they’re not stingy with their oreo and Nutella, especially since their base is one of the larger ones in this list. Their tarts are probably not for binging because of their larger size but they’re great of gifts and wedding favours – which they can absolutely cater any time of the year!

39. @iamummidarwisy

Rather than using the fine crumbs of Oreo, this baker cut up the famous biscuits and planted into the base so that you have different textures within the base itself. Cool!

40. @bakingalley

Their tarts are special because of the little hearts that they use to decorate the tarts. It adds a bit more personality to the kuih and we’re loving the look.

The Most Affordable


41. @sweetdelightbakery

This bakery understands how Nutella Tart binges work so they’re helping you by selling 30 pieces per bottle, rather than the normal 50 pieces. Psst, they also sell tapak kuda if you’re interested.

42. @delicakesg ★

We’ve found the most affordable bottle of Nutella Tarts in town! Don’t worry, they still maintain their quality, just that they have chose to have lesser pieces in a bottle. (40 pcs, rather than the typical 55 pcs in a bottle) Most affordable at $16 per bottle!

43.  @sugarpopsandcuppycakes

Their bottles look cute and very Tumblresque. What’s even better are the Nutella Tarts in them that taste as good as how they look.

Nutella Tart Redefined


44. @rizqidelights

People were recommending their nutella tarts but we were stunned at their Nutella cupcakes. Just look for yourself, guys. It’s a cup filled with Nutella chocolate. We are speechless. #monsternutellaOur verdict: Have friends over to share a box of the Nutella cupcakes…and stop you from overdosing.

45. @mytellasg

These tarts look more like pods to us. However, the base recipe still tastes like kuih tart so we’re adding it here. Best part, you can see how deep the Nutella fillings go. Definitely bang for you buck.

Additional Updates (As on 4 July 2018)

46. @eighty2grams

Nutella Tarts are taking different shapes and sizes now! We’re loving the reimagined look of one of the community’s favourite tarts. Also, we would totally get these tarts just to match the clean aesthetics of our modern coffeetables. Anyway, if you’re look for a one stop shop for all the sweet treats you need for a party, Eighty2 Grams is where you should head to!

47. @haikel_ismail Not looking for nutella tarts? We’ve also compiled a list for Kek Lapis and Kek Rolls Check them out here:



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